Monday, December 16, 2013

All Year Around with vistlip

To me, 2013 is really a year of vistlip. 
They have released GLOSTER at the start of the year. They have CHRONUS for the half of year, and SINGLE COLLECTION to end the year. I can only say, “SUPER AWESOME!!”.

GLOSTER is a mini album, with eight songs:
  1. Devil’s whisper (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  2. Doukou (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  3. Inbreed (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  4. GLOSTER IMAGE (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  5. Specter of Kingdom (words: tomo, composed: Yuh, Tohya)
  6. Pinocchio (words: tomo, composed: rui)
  7. Reincarnation (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  8. Yoru (words: tomo, composed: rui)
I order Lipper version and get tomo’s card as the bonus.
I like all the songs, but my favorites are GLOSTER IMAGE, Pinocchio, and Yoru. Special reason for GLOSTER IMAGE…because umi do the rapping (XD).

CHRONUS is vistlip third album release, with 16 tracks. Three were instrumental and thirteen songs.
  1. First DIMENSION (Instrumental track by Tohya)
  2. TELESCOPE CYLINDER (words: tomo, composed: rui)
  3. WEB (words: tomo, composed: rui)
  4. Recipe (words: tomo, composed: Yuh)
  5. Dr. Teddy (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  6. Prey Shadow (words: tomo, composed: Yuh)
  7. Second DIMENSION (Instrumental track by Tohya)
  8. Shinkagyo no yume wa shosen (words: tomo, composed: Yuh, Tohya)
  9. aquamarine (words: tomo, composed: Yuh)
  10. Nearly equal (words: tomo, composed: rui)
  11. RESET CIRCLE (words: tomo, composed: umi)
  12. B (words: tomo, composed: rui)
  13. Making of day 1. (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  14. CHIMERA (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  15. Arrythmia (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  16. Third DIMENSION (Instrumental track by Tohya)

I order Lipper version again and get the dynamic duo, tomo and Tohya, trading card.
The concept of the album is time. I was so stupid to late realizing the connection between the word “chronus” and time (Orz). I wonder what’s with vistlip and time. They have shown clock in some of their promotional videos: Strawberry Butterfly, SINDRA, B, and Prey Shadow.

If I compared CHRONUS with their two previous albums, THEATER still remains my most favorite one, then followed by ORDER MADE. It’s just like the order of each album released (^^;). They are lacking rock and hard songs in CHRONUS, but I still like it. It’s good to listen when I need to refresh my mind and soul. 

My favorites from the albums are of course the singles: Recipe, Shinkaigyo xxx, B, and Chimera. The other ones are TELESCOPE CYLINDER, Nearly equal, and RESET CIRCLE. Special reason again for Chimera and RESET CIRCLE: umi’s rapping in Chimera and umi’s composition for RESET CIRCLE. ( I know I’ve looking up too much for the man XD).

My disappointment for CHRONUS is…they didn’t include “Artist” in the album (TwT). It was a double side A song with Shinkaigyo xxx and I was hoping it would be on the album. But they give “Nearly equal” instead. It’s a song with different lyric and almost quite the same music. It was a genius thinking to make the track, but I still want the real “Artist”…

SINGLE COLLECTION is an album of their singles hits: Sara, alo[n]e, drop note., -OZONE-, STRAWBERRY BUTTERFLY, Hameln, SINDRA, Recipe, B, Shinkaigyo xxx, Artist, and CHIMERA.

When I see the tracks, I know I had to get the album. Because, it’s an album that was made for me!! *smacked*

They have included “Artist”!!! The one song that I’ve wished, I’ve requested, I’m hoping to be in the second album. I was telling umi how I wish “Artist” to be put in CHRONUS, and the SINGLE COLLECTION is his answer for me. That’s why I NEED to get it. BECAUSE IT’S AN ALBUM FOR ME!!! *killed*

I get the Lipper version and get… Tohya’s card again! (XD)
What’s with me and Tohya?! (XD)

SINGLE COLLECTION Lipper version has unique design. The jacket was made from the mix of the previously single’s tracks.  And the lyric’s booklet was made loosely, each page for each song, according to each single’s jacket design. I wonder who had come up with the idea…

I’m happy vistlip released this collection of singles, it has my favorites. STRAWBERRY BUTTERFLY as the first song I’ve listen and the first video I’ve watched. I always remember Tohya’s smiling face and the clear shining blue sky in –OZONE-. Hameln is the cheerful song of their anniversary, also the last single before they gone hiatus. SINDRA as their coming back song and the one that always makes me wants to cry every time I listen. Artist is the lovable and requested song by me, and Chimera, where umi showed his rapping. Just like the other ones, I love the single collection as well.

Special reason why I like “Artist” so much? It’s because of the video…at the start of it, after tomo knocked on the door and at the corner…

That’s the reason why I love “Artist”! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Another accomplishment for me for this year was… I managed to get vistlip’s mini albums that I haven’t got: Patriot and Revolver (\(^O^)/). For some reason, I don’t buy singles, but I’ll go for mini album and album. And I’m glad I can get it all this year. Happy!! 

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