Monday, December 16, 2013

Writing: KAORU

KAORU is a short story I've wrote based on the feeling when I listen to "Created Beauty" from Versailles.
I also can imagine the PV for the song.
But on my mind, the band playing the song isn't Versailles! (XD).

Well, KAORU is another weird story. Since I made it based on my imagination for the song's PV, so the story doesn't clearly tell about who is KAORU, or the right one... "what" is KAORU.

I hope readers can enjoy this weird one.
I kinda enjoy making this kind of story though. (X3).

The story can be read here. 
The source for the lyric and translations are here. 

Enjoy and please tell me what do you think about the story. Sankyuu! (X3)

All Year Around with vistlip

To me, 2013 is really a year of vistlip. 
They have released GLOSTER at the start of the year. They have CHRONUS for the half of year, and SINGLE COLLECTION to end the year. I can only say, “SUPER AWESOME!!”.

GLOSTER is a mini album, with eight songs:
  1. Devil’s whisper (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  2. Doukou (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  3. Inbreed (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  4. GLOSTER IMAGE (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  5. Specter of Kingdom (words: tomo, composed: Yuh, Tohya)
  6. Pinocchio (words: tomo, composed: rui)
  7. Reincarnation (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  8. Yoru (words: tomo, composed: rui)

Monday, December 02, 2013


Today is exactly one year of my mother passing away.
I kinda feel lost.
Time really flies.

Last week had a conversation with Sister about it.

Sister: "What we're going to do with Mom's 1st year?"
Me: "Huh? Are we going to throw a party?"

Usually people would make an event to remember the deceased. Usually the family would held some kind of praying together with the neighbor and then treat them with foods. But, my family isn't doing that. The day will be spend in usual way. Like nothing has happened.

And the feeling came back. Guilt.
The memories of the day coming back.
And the word also came back. "If".

I can't say more.

It's just...losing someone close (my mother) really not an easy feeling to deal with.

I really hope my mom is happy up there.