Thursday, October 10, 2013

4-nin KAT-TUN.

Last night, my house was on black out. 
I feel bored and decided to log on to twitter to see if there something that can cheer me. 

I get surprised. 

I read tweet from tokyohive and KAT-TUN Indonesian fan base about the departing one of the member, Tanaka Koki. 

Wait...hold on a minute...
You are listening to KAT-TUN?? 

The answer: YES.
KAT-TUN is the only group I would listen hehehe
Well, I'm just listening some of their songs. But not deeply root on them. 
Their songs were good to listen when I want to feel relaxed. 

I get really surprised with the news! What the hell happen?? 
So, with the remaining phone battery, I search the internet for further information. 
Finally I understand what has happen, the so called scandals... 
The member's message about the situation can be read here

Tanaka Koki is the second member that I like from the group. 
My first was of course Kame-chan. 
I listen to the group because I want to hear Kame's voice. (X3)

I can't imagine the group without Koki. 
I feel he's the cheerful one among them. 
I love Koki's part on Ultimate Wheels. I feel I can bring out my anger.    
Also, I don't know how they will be without Koki's rap. 
This is bizarre and in the sudden...
If I'm not mistaken, they are going to have new singles...
One is for a CM titled Bounce Girl (I like this one) and one is for Nakamaru's dorama theme. 

Somehow I don't have good feeling about this...
I do wish the best for the rest of the member. 
Hope they can get through this and keep going together as a group.   

p.s. while I was looking for the information, I found out that the leader of the group is...Ueda. I always thought Nakamaru is the leader...hehehe 


Anonymous said...

ueda was the leader before, but he withdrew from the leadership...^_^

Kame-chan is the official leader of KAT-TUN now...;)

KiRaidesu said...

Thank you Anonymous-san~~
Thank you so much for the links! I'm happy to get more information about them~

Anonymous said...

you are most welcome ;)