Thursday, October 10, 2013

4-nin KAT-TUN.

Last night, my house was on black out. 
I feel bored and decided to log on to twitter to see if there something that can cheer me. 

I get surprised. 

I read tweet from tokyohive and KAT-TUN Indonesian fan base about the departing one of the member, Tanaka Koki. 

Wait...hold on a minute...
You are listening to KAT-TUN?? 

The answer: YES.
KAT-TUN is the only group I would listen hehehe
Well, I'm just listening some of their songs. But not deeply root on them. 
Their songs were good to listen when I want to feel relaxed. 

I get really surprised with the news! What the hell happen?? 
So, with the remaining phone battery, I search the internet for further information. 
Finally I understand what has happen, the so called scandals... 
The member's message about the situation can be read here

Tanaka Koki is the second member that I like from the group. 
My first was of course Kame-chan. 
I listen to the group because I want to hear Kame's voice. (X3)

I can't imagine the group without Koki. 
I feel he's the cheerful one among them. 
I love Koki's part on Ultimate Wheels. I feel I can bring out my anger.    
Also, I don't know how they will be without Koki's rap. 
This is bizarre and in the sudden...
If I'm not mistaken, they are going to have new singles...
One is for a CM titled Bounce Girl (I like this one) and one is for Nakamaru's dorama theme. 

Somehow I don't have good feeling about this...
I do wish the best for the rest of the member. 
Hope they can get through this and keep going together as a group.   

p.s. while I was looking for the information, I found out that the leader of the group is...Ueda. I always thought Nakamaru is the leader...hehehe 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wake me up when November ends...

When I started to like Japanese music (2001), I can only dreamed to watched their live.
I even doubt the artists would consider to include Indonesia as one of their destinations.
So, when they held overseas tour, mainly America and Europe, I can only felt envy for the lucky fans.

Things started to change after 2012, with L'Arc~en~Ciel's first ever live concert in Jakarta.
Now, those artists seemed to see Indonesia as one potential country to visit.

Let me list the musicians that I knew has come to Indonesia so far.


Alice Nine
(in J-Rock Evolution)

May J
(in AFA ID 2012)



Baby Metal
T.M.Revolution (only as a guest)
(in AFA ID 2013)

GACKT (showing at Indonesian's version of Kamen Rider)

will be this November...



The last two names made me so surprised! The two are consider quite big band.
I never expect them to come this fast! Hell, I never expect it at all!
But, they will come this November.
I realize I have to be careful with every wish I have.
It would be come true in a very surprising way...

But, luckily I have make a decision from the very beginning.
That I would only watched live of the bands that I have emotionally attached, that is L'Arc~en~Ciel and vistlip. (^3^)

Well, to be honest, I would love to go to OOR and VAMPS live. But, the money stops me.
Okane ga nai...
Beside...this November I have a promise to keep. It keeps my sanity hahaha (even though the promise itself is an insanity hahaha)

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Banana's Day.

Happy birthday for tetsuya of L'Arc~en~Ciel!!

Happy birthday for the greatest L'eader!
Happy birthday for the most juicy banana!
Happy birthday for the only man suit with pink! (for me).

May you keep healthy, keep happy, keep smiling, keep geeky, keep energetic, fresh, and would soon  have cute little banana of your own. (X3)

L'eader for President!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

October 2nd, 2013.

I've been posting about works, now it's time to come back about my life hehehe

October 2nd, it's my father's 75 years old birthday~
Damn, Father is old~ *get a smacked from Heaven*

Father, hope you are happy up there. Mother is with you now, right?
Or you haven't meet her? Go find her then! *get another smacked*

I've been used to live without a father. I also never think about him.
I was doing okay with the fact that I don't have a father.
I never feel jealous with people who still have their father.
I never mourned either on his birthday or the day he passed away.

But this time it's different.

Now that Mother is also gone, I realize that I don't have a parents.
Somehow, it feels lonely.
I know I shouldn't have the feeling. I'm not a little child.
But, yeah...sometimes I wish I still have the two.

Well, happy birthday, Father.
Your daughter here is still the same.
I hope somehow you can feel proud of me.
But, I won't ever know that, right?

Happy birthday, Father. Hope you are having great times up there.
I do think of you...sometimes.
Greet Mother for me, okay?

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Editing work: "100 Komik Teladan Rasulullah".

Title: Komik 100 Teladan Rasulullah.
Author: Al Azhar Pictures.
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Publisher: anakkita.

The book consist of 100 comics about Rasulullah saw. hadits. The stories took place in children's daily life. Hopefully the children could understand each hadits implementation and would practice it in their daily life.

It's never easy to work on this kind of book, because it's about religion and it's for children's reading. It can't be too complex since children won't understand. Still, I enjoy the editing and also the stories. Hope the children would feel the same. :)

Editor in charge.