Friday, September 27, 2013

Editing work: "50 Cerita Fabel Dunia"

Title: 50 Cerita Fabel Dunia. (English title: 50 fable stories from around the world.
Story teller and illustrator: Stella Ernes.
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Publisher: anakkita. (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Another story book from anakkita. This time it's fable stories from around the world. Over all there were 50 short stories with beautiful and colorful illustrations from Stella Ernes.

Children can read many interesting stories, such as the tale of the lion and the mouse, the alligator and the clever monkey, the naughty little bear, the kindness of the ant, also the tale why fishes live in the water. Eh? Aren't fish always live in the water? Well, according to the story, a long time ago, fishes live, walk, and eat on the land. So, how can they live in the water now? Get (read: buy) the book and read it by yourself hohoho...

The difficulties of editing the book, I have to change some words for children's reading. Some stories were cruel that I have to do many changes. It could took half of a day just to re-written one paragraph, not one story but just one paragraph (Orz).

Children's book isn't easy to make, but it's fun to do, especially with colorful and cute illustrations. Stella Ernes is one of my favorite children's book illustrator. I always happy working together with her.

My bad...there were two pages printed with no stories. I think I've missed it at the final checking of the book. (>.<). I feel so bad and cursed my clumsiness. My deep apologize for Stella Ernes and also the readers. (m(_ _)m)

Editor in charge.

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