Monday, September 30, 2013

Editing work: "The Amazing of Indonesia: 71 Keajaiban Indonesia"

Title: The Amazing of Indonesia: 71 Keajaiban Indonesia yang Wajib Diketahui.
Writer: Sugeng HR.
Illustrator: msfstudio7
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Publisher: anakkita. (Jakarta, Indonesia).

The book consist explanations of places, things, arts, animals, plants, food, and uniquely culture from Indonesia. Some are also famous around the world, such as Batik and Rendang. Hopefully by the book, could make the children realize the treasures of the nation, so they would cherished and protect the national heritage.

The book's illustrations were beautiful and cute. I like it from the first glance! Some explanations were quite long. It can't be helped since it can't be cut or else it would be confusing. Hope after reading the book, the children will be feeling proud with the nation heritage. :)

Editor in charge.

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