Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kimi, Me, and the world.

Yesterday, finally it has been confirmed that Kimi will be joining Ferrari next year.
Maybe like most of people, I felt mixed of feelings.
I'm happy that Kimi will join a strong team. A team that can take him back to the highest place.
But at the same time, I still remember the bad past experience that drove Kimi away from F1.
And the one that caused it is still there...become Kimi's team mate.

Even Sister asked has Kimi lost his mind, joining a team with the one that drove him away.
I said to her that Kimi is perfectly fine. (XD).
Kimi has said that the decision might be sound stupid for other people. but he knows what to do, he knows what he want.
Even though maybe it would be turned out a stupid decision, Kimi will always have my support. Fully. Always. Forever.

And today, new beginning has come for me.
New challenge. New work.

I'm still working where I am at the moment, but will be doing completely different thing.
And I will be doing it from scraps. Not mention, I will be alone working on it.

Several weeks ago I had this one question inside my mind,

"Should I stay, improving what I got now, or should I move to start a new one?"

I asked Allah for the answer.

Is this the answer?

I will be doing what I always wanting to do. Finally I get the trust to do it. (It means I should stay?).
Haven't done anything but I already feel bit scared and hesitant because of being alone.
The work, the deadlines, the responsibilities, everything that should be doing as a team, will be on my very own shoulders.

"Good luck My way."

Kimi, Me, and the world.

Kimi and I are having the same situation. We will be doing new thing. But, I'm going to start first. (:D)

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