Monday, September 30, 2013

Editing work: "The Amazing of Indonesia: 71 Keajaiban Indonesia"

Title: The Amazing of Indonesia: 71 Keajaiban Indonesia yang Wajib Diketahui.
Writer: Sugeng HR.
Illustrator: msfstudio7
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Publisher: anakkita. (Jakarta, Indonesia).

The book consist explanations of places, things, arts, animals, plants, food, and uniquely culture from Indonesia. Some are also famous around the world, such as Batik and Rendang. Hopefully by the book, could make the children realize the treasures of the nation, so they would cherished and protect the national heritage.

The book's illustrations were beautiful and cute. I like it from the first glance! Some explanations were quite long. It can't be helped since it can't be cut or else it would be confusing. Hope after reading the book, the children will be feeling proud with the nation heritage. :)

Editor in charge.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Editing work: "50 Cerita Fabel Dunia"

Title: 50 Cerita Fabel Dunia. (English title: 50 fable stories from around the world.
Story teller and illustrator: Stella Ernes.
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Publisher: anakkita. (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Another story book from anakkita. This time it's fable stories from around the world. Over all there were 50 short stories with beautiful and colorful illustrations from Stella Ernes.

Children can read many interesting stories, such as the tale of the lion and the mouse, the alligator and the clever monkey, the naughty little bear, the kindness of the ant, also the tale why fishes live in the water. Eh? Aren't fish always live in the water? Well, according to the story, a long time ago, fishes live, walk, and eat on the land. So, how can they live in the water now? Get (read: buy) the book and read it by yourself hohoho...

The difficulties of editing the book, I have to change some words for children's reading. Some stories were cruel that I have to do many changes. It could took half of a day just to re-written one paragraph, not one story but just one paragraph (Orz).

Children's book isn't easy to make, but it's fun to do, especially with colorful and cute illustrations. Stella Ernes is one of my favorite children's book illustrator. I always happy working together with her.

My bad...there were two pages printed with no stories. I think I've missed it at the final checking of the book. (>.<). I feel so bad and cursed my clumsiness. My deep apologize for Stella Ernes and also the readers. (m(_ _)m)

Editor in charge.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

vistlip's SINGLE COLLECTION info release~

Yay~ Finally the information is out!

vistlip's SINGLE COLLECTION release~

Date: December 4th, 2013.

It will come with 4 types.

1. [Limited Edition] DX SHOWCASE BOX (CD + DVD) of Zepp Tokyo + Shibuya Koukaidou concert. Price: 6.930 yen.

2. [Limited Edition] -ROUGH the PACKAGE (CD + DVD): “ROUGH the vistlip”.
Price: 3, 780 yen.

3. Vister (CD + DVD). Price: 3, 780 yen.

4. Lipper (CD). Price: 3, 150 yen.

The setlist of the CD:
02.alo [n] e
03.drop note.
04.-OZONE -
10. 深海魚の夢は所詮、(shinkaigyo no yume wa shosen)
11.アーティスト (artist)

Urgh…I already have ALL the songs in CD, except for “artist”. And I want it badly! Nearly Equal has the same music, but it isn’t artist… >.<

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The song that save my day.


Continuing from my previously post...pretty much I'm still feeling the same hehehe
I have a feeling it would be for a while and I would be here with complaints.

I was also kinda sensitive lately...feeling uncomfortable...scared...worried...hopeless...useless...lonely...
I was feeling confused. I need to talk to someone, but no name prompt out.
Listening to music also doing no good. I couldn't do one thing I like, writings. I stare at the computer screen and no idea comes out...
I feel like an outsider even though I was with friends. I don't feel fit in. I don't feel belong where I was at.

This morning was the same. I walked with head bent down. I have so many things in mind. And the feeling comes again, to have someone to hold my hand and said, "Don't worry, it will be fine."
I even almost blame God, which I quickly stopped. There's no use of it. I know it isn't right blaming to Heaven.

So I tried to hold on, with the feelings, with the thinking, and tried listening to some songs to ease down myself.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kimi, Me, and the world.

Yesterday, finally it has been confirmed that Kimi will be joining Ferrari next year.
Maybe like most of people, I felt mixed of feelings.
I'm happy that Kimi will join a strong team. A team that can take him back to the highest place.
But at the same time, I still remember the bad past experience that drove Kimi away from F1.
And the one that caused it is still there...become Kimi's team mate.

Even Sister asked has Kimi lost his mind, joining a team with the one that drove him away.
I said to her that Kimi is perfectly fine. (XD).
Kimi has said that the decision might be sound stupid for other people. but he knows what to do, he knows what he want.
Even though maybe it would be turned out a stupid decision, Kimi will always have my support. Fully. Always. Forever.