Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marvey D. Ozawa.

At the moment I'm being amused by this person below...

Captain Marvelous aka Gokai Red from the Super Sentai series Gokaiger. 

I know it's quite late for me to be "mukya-mukya" about the series now. It has ended a one or two year ago? As usual I was late to watched it. Well actually I didn't want to watched after I feel so satisfied with Shinkenger and thought no other series would match the samurais. And as usual... I was wrong.

But, I won't talk about the series. I want to talk about that dorky pirate captain. (XD)

Captain Marvelous was fearless, cool, baka, cocky, funny in someway, sharp mouth, caring in his own way, loves to eat and loves to eat meat. His character reminds me a lot of Monkey D. Luffy.

The actor was Ryota Ozawa, whom I recognized instantly as the same actor inside Acid Black Cherry's "Nemuri Hime" music video. 
I was quite surprised to see that cute little boy to act as Captain Marvelous. But I think both have quite similar behaviors: funny, love to tease people, and loves to eat too! It's quite easy to find pictures of Ryota since he seemed like to take picture of himself. A lot! (XD)

That cute boy act as Captain Marvelous! OwO; 

Loves to eat. Loves sweets. Loves ice cream. 

With His team mate in Gokaiger, Yamada Yuki (Gokai Blue). 

Marvey. D. Ozawa. (XD)

I want to watched others of Ryota's acting skill. But it's hard to find, even on online dorama sites. I'm clueless and hopeless... Guess I have to wait until he get more acknowledge. Hopefully someone would upload his doramas. I noticed that he often played as depressed character. It will be interesting to see that captain get depressed. (XD).

And the last one for this post... Still can't believe that boy played as Captain Marvelous. Still can't believe that I get amused by that boy. This boy!! (>w<)

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