Saturday, August 03, 2013


Fasting month will soon end. Next week is Idul Fitri. I took day off on Monday and Tuesday next week. It means the entire next week is holiday~~~ ^O^ *jumping*

But, thanks to the high technology...thanks to the invention of smart gadget, smartphones, etc... I will still be working... Orz
Co-workers have started the chat on facebook. What if I don't respond? What if I pretend not seen it? What if I said I couldn't connect to the internet? I shouldn't make this post here. (XD)
Oh well...gotta respond later. I've been get used with working on weekends after all.

What's been happening lately?  A recap~~
I've been "playing" around tumblr (I made new account) and found someone that post, share info, and translate about Angelo. Wasshoi! I feel like finding an oasis at the dessert! (XD).
It's so damn hard to found information about Angelo's activities, except from their official facebook account. They have official youtube channel, but only post short version of the new stuffs. And among the member, only Kirito that has an ameba. While the others were having private blog on their official fan club. (=.=)

Angelo is really a band that move in shadow. You don't see them, but in the sudden they appeared. I remember when I accidentally watched "Hikari no Kioku" music video. "They are still around??", that's my expression. I thought they have disband hehehe

I'm glad to found a friend that I can talk to, ask questions, and share feelings also thoughts about Angelo. I was late to know about Pierrot, Kirito's previous band. I've listen to their first album and get to know that they have disband... I didn't know the clash between members, even after the disbandment. Now I can understand it through Jacintoo-san's tumblr. We also share the same feeling for Kirito. We adore that strange scary looking guy! (XD)    


I've been watching one of super sentai series...Gokaiger! (XD). Only several episodes though, especially the one with Captain Marvelous. Yeah, I kinda like that cocky, stupid, and love to eat captain. I always like cocky character. From the sentai series, I absolutely love Shiba Takeru (Shinkenred) character. But, Marvey-chan aka Captain Marvelous was far more entertaining than Take-chan~ (XD)

Now about real life...

Last night sister said she feels sad every time it's close to Idul Fitri. She was remembering about her late husband and also mother. It will be our first Idul Fitri without mother. Usually mother would be the one busy asking to make cookies and food for celebrating the day. For her children, it wasn't that important to do, but for her it's a must. I still don't understand why she always insisted. Maybe because she wanted to welcomed her boys back with homely food. Somehow I can feel sister feeling, though I don't have strong bond with mother. Yeah, this year Idul Fitri is different. I bet sister would be crying hard...

About work...

Starting now I will be working alone. My co-worker has been transfer back to his old division. *gulp* It will be me all alone again, just like at the beginning~ I'm kinda scared though, being alone, but I know that I'm not really alone. I can still asked co-workers for help, suggestions, and questions. I love my little family. I do.

Lately I think that being at the big three made me mature somehow. I still have the childish side inside me, but for several matters I tried to act as a big three would act. So far not much progress, but sooner or later I would get there. Become big three isn't bad after all. Life starts from there. (^w^)

Actually I want to use the holiday to make some reviews, about the new albums I've bought, about books I've read, etc. I hope I would have the time. I already have plan for Monday, that is tidying my sanctuary aka room. Won't do any drastic changes... I don't know what to change, just to cleaned the dirt.

That's all from me. Gotta make this holiday feeling stay alive~
Happy holiday for you who were on holiday~
Have a great time!

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