Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marvey D. Ozawa.

At the moment I'm being amused by this person below...

Captain Marvelous aka Gokai Red from the Super Sentai series Gokaiger. 

I know it's quite late for me to be "mukya-mukya" about the series now. It has ended a one or two year ago? As usual I was late to watched it. Well actually I didn't want to watched after I feel so satisfied with Shinkenger and thought no other series would match the samurais. And as usual... I was wrong.

But, I won't talk about the series. I want to talk about that dorky pirate captain. (XD)

Captain Marvelous was fearless, cool, baka, cocky, funny in someway, sharp mouth, caring in his own way, loves to eat and loves to eat meat. His character reminds me a lot of Monkey D. Luffy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mother x Father.

Ayu-san has said it again, "It's your first Eid without your mom, right?".
I just smile.
But, somehow it felt more depressing to hear it now, rather than during Eid Mubarak celebration.

Yeah, the first Ramadhan and the first Eid without Mother.
I was doing okay through the day. I guess gathering with my siblings have covered the feeling.
We gathered at 1st Brother's house. All of us gathered, five siblings along with wives and children.
It's a bit sad since we never did it while Mother was alive.
It was so difficult to asked 1st Brother to came on first day of Eid. Even though Mother was asking him. He seldom came.
But now, it's so easy to asked him to go anywhere, especially visiting our relatives which he never want to do.

It's odd. Sister was hoping it won't be a bad sign. I was hoping the same too.
The lost of our Mother has tighten the sibling's bond. I feel happy but also sad.

In the morning, we visited Mother's grave.
I should have done it before Ramadhan. But because of busy and lazy, I failed to do it.
Maybe that's why Mother kept coming into my a scary appearance...
Sister said it was caused because I was feeling guilt.
Yes, she was right. I was feeling guilty. I keep thinking, "If..."

I said, "I'm sorry" at Mother's grave.

Saturday, August 03, 2013


Fasting month will soon end. Next week is Idul Fitri. I took day off on Monday and Tuesday next week. It means the entire next week is holiday~~~ ^O^ *jumping*

But, thanks to the high technology...thanks to the invention of smart gadget, smartphones, etc... I will still be working... Orz
Co-workers have started the chat on facebook. What if I don't respond? What if I pretend not seen it? What if I said I couldn't connect to the internet? I shouldn't make this post here. (XD)
Oh well...gotta respond later. I've been get used with working on weekends after all.

What's been happening lately?  A recap~~