Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Lately, the urge felt stronger.
I start to really think about it.

Going to Japan.
The land of the rainbow, the land of five barkin' animals, the land of my living angel, Satomi-chan.

Satomi and I had been talking intensely about Shinsengumi.
It started when she watched anime "Hakouki".
While myself have always been enchanted by the stories of the samurai: Shinsengumi, 47 Ronin, Sengoku Basara.
Both of us share the same likeness again!

Satomi was living in the same city where the leader of Shinsengumi was born.
Hijikata's childhood house was also there, along with one of his suspected grave.
(until now, no one knew the real grave of Hijikata).
Satomi's grandmother was also living near to Sanada's family house.

It's so exciting~

Satomi-chan had and will visit some of the areas.
She will be doing a "journey to the past" by visiting the historical places.
She's so kind to take pictures for me~

But, I wish I can be there too...for real!
I wanna go there and felt the sensation, the shivering of the historical air with my own body.

Satomi and I started to make plan for our historical trip.
Starting from her living area and continued to... Kyoto!
I always wanted to go to Kyoto! To taste the samurai's living.
We are so excited!
And the question is...when...?

I'm very inexperienced with going abroad. I never been abroad!
I don't have passport. I don't know how to make a visa.
I know nothing about booking airplane ticket, luggage, billing, etc.
I know nothing. (XD)

So, I'd better start to learn from now. I should start to plan the trip. Plan the time. And plan the money.
I want to see Satomi-chan in personal. I want to walk with her side by side, hand in hand. (X3)


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