Thursday, July 04, 2013

Big Three (^w^)

Yay~~ I finally get to the "big three"~~
What is it? It's my age this year. (XD)
I seldom told people about my age. I usually said I was 23 years old.

"But, you're 23 last year?"
"And this year also 23?"
"Yes. I'm forever 23~"


Even nephew and niece almost fought each other because of the age. Nephew believed when I said I was 23 and almost fought with niece who told him my real age. I'm a bad auntie~
I never clearly said my age. I only said my birth year hehehe

Anyway, I'm grateful for all the happiness and blessing that Allah has given me.
It's amazing to be in the big three. Just like last year, I didn't feel it at all. Even though big sister kept saying I have to act as my age, but I always act the same age like my oldest nephew even younger. (XD)
But I know I have to act and think more mature than I have been. I must! Ganbarimasu!

As for birthday present, I get special things~~

First was from a friend on twitter. She mentioned to umi about my birthday. Of course umi didn't respond. But, her affection made me smile. Arigatou~~

Second was from Gin-chan. She made me round and round to get a surprising birthday present. If anyone would like to know just type the address and follow the direction >> (^^). 

Third was from big sister. She gave me chocolate. Even though I actually don't like chocolate. (XD). It was the first time ever for her to give me birthday present ever since she got married. 

And the last one was from my living angel, Satomi-chan. She send me words that made me almost in tears. Her words were so beautiful and powerful that made me loved myself. She is a living angel. My angel.  

Thank you to my friends that have celebrate my birthday. You are one of my treasures that I will forever cherish. 

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