Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Lately, the urge felt stronger.
I start to really think about it.

Going to Japan.
The land of the rainbow, the land of five barkin' animals, the land of my living angel, Satomi-chan.

Satomi and I had been talking intensely about Shinsengumi.
It started when she watched anime "Hakouki".
While myself have always been enchanted by the stories of the samurai: Shinsengumi, 47 Ronin, Sengoku Basara.
Both of us share the same likeness again!

Satomi was living in the same city where the leader of Shinsengumi was born.
Hijikata's childhood house was also there, along with one of his suspected grave.
(until now, no one knew the real grave of Hijikata).
Satomi's grandmother was also living near to Sanada's family house.

It's so exciting~

Satomi-chan had and will visit some of the areas.
She will be doing a "journey to the past" by visiting the historical places.
She's so kind to take pictures for me~

But, I wish I can be there too...for real!
I wanna go there and felt the sensation, the shivering of the historical air with my own body.

Satomi and I started to make plan for our historical trip.
Starting from her living area and continued to... Kyoto!
I always wanted to go to Kyoto! To taste the samurai's living.
We are so excited!
And the question is...when...?

I'm very inexperienced with going abroad. I never been abroad!
I don't have passport. I don't know how to make a visa.
I know nothing about booking airplane ticket, luggage, billing, etc.
I know nothing. (XD)

So, I'd better start to learn from now. I should start to plan the trip. Plan the time. And plan the money.
I want to see Satomi-chan in personal. I want to walk with her side by side, hand in hand. (X3)


Friday, July 19, 2013

Internet Bullying

Internet bullying is awful.

Once I thought that internet bullying was a joke.

"How can someone get affected just because of what people said on the internet?"

I was wrong. Totally.

Since I have experienced it.
But thank God, it didn't took long for me to gain my conscious back.

At that time I was quite down. Surprised. Shocked.
Just by a single action from a stranger.
I cowardly hide away.

Then I realize how stupid I was to be bother with the matter.
It's not like I've committed a sin.

I've returned with the sense that I won't ever let the same thing happen to me again.
If it happens, I will fight back.

Yesterday a friend was experienced the same thing.
Someone tweet to her saying, "Get over your crappy grammar".
My friend feel sad and said she won't be on twitter for a while.
She's an English teacher. Yet she was being told her grammar was crappy. Then what about me? (XD)
I told her to confront the person, saying like, "I know, thank you for telling me.".
I even wanted to confront the person by myself, "I'm worst than her, care to teach me? But, I don't want to learn anyway."

But.... for being a kind heart person, she does nothing.
Yet, she message me in the evening, "I was deep affected with it that I bumped my head against the wall."
I laugh. (XD).

Why awful things happen to kind people?
(Of course I wasn't saying myself. I'm not that kind.)

And how to avoid internet bullying?

Maybe like Kimi's way?

"I don't use facebook. If I could throw away my phone I would probably do it. It's always on silent and I don't like when it rings and people are calling. We could live without those things in the past when we just had a phone on the street somewhere, on the corner or at the house. I have no interest in telling all the people what I do every day and where I am. I want to do my stuff privately with my friends or family and that's it."

The words in italic...slapped me hard... (TwT).

Thursday, July 11, 2013




Even though he's laughing...


No matter people said that he was okay and looking cheerful, I'm still worried. 
Has my Tanabata wishes become a cursed for him... TwT 
Maybe I shouldn't spread the wishes...
umi...get better soon... *sobs* 

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Big Three (^w^)

Yay~~ I finally get to the "big three"~~
What is it? It's my age this year. (XD)
I seldom told people about my age. I usually said I was 23 years old.

"But, you're 23 last year?"
"And this year also 23?"
"Yes. I'm forever 23~"


Even nephew and niece almost fought each other because of the age. Nephew believed when I said I was 23 and almost fought with niece who told him my real age. I'm a bad auntie~
I never clearly said my age. I only said my birth year hehehe

Anyway, I'm grateful for all the happiness and blessing that Allah has given me.
It's amazing to be in the big three. Just like last year, I didn't feel it at all. Even though big sister kept saying I have to act as my age, but I always act the same age like my oldest nephew even younger. (XD)
But I know I have to act and think more mature than I have been. I must! Ganbarimasu!

As for birthday present, I get special things~~

First was from a friend on twitter. She mentioned to umi about my birthday. Of course umi didn't respond. But, her affection made me smile. Arigatou~~

Second was from Gin-chan. She made me round and round to get a surprising birthday present. If anyone would like to know just type the address and follow the direction >> http://ameblo.jp/ginzukumi/entry-11564966326.html. (^^). 

Third was from big sister. She gave me chocolate. Even though I actually don't like chocolate. (XD). It was the first time ever for her to give me birthday present ever since she got married. 

And the last one was from my living angel, Satomi-chan. She send me words that made me almost in tears. Her words were so beautiful and powerful that made me loved myself. She is a living angel. My angel.  

Thank you to my friends that have celebrate my birthday. You are one of my treasures that I will forever cherish.