Friday, June 21, 2013

umi at WHYBLUE?2013 June 20th event.

I thought I couldn't watched it. I did watched it. Thank God!! (XD).

umi's appearances at WHYBLUE?2013 June 20th event. 

Short explanations.
June 20th was a Refugee Day. And WHYBLUE was an event made to celebrate the day also to brought the awareness about refugee, especially from the youngsters.

Well, my real and strong reason to put attention to the event was because of umi involved in it. (:D).
I saw umi retweet the account, I get curious and stalk the account.
I found out that umi would "do a stage" at the event. I suspect that umi would be a model again! I must see it!!!
Surprising progress came when WHYBLUE share video link to watched the!
It made me standing by in front of my computer since morning. (XD)

The event was started at 6pm (JST). It was 4pm (Jakarta Standard Time).
It was started with an introduction by the two MC.
Then one officer from UNHCR gave his speech in English. He appreciated the Japanese youngsters attention for the event. He's pleased that they were aware about the refugee issues. Then he talked more about what is refugee and why people should put more concerned about them. During the speech, there was someone doing the Japanese translations, but kinda didn't went well (XD). The translator was a bit confused and slow with his work.

UNHCR Officer: "You should learn more about Japanese language," *laugh*
Translator: "I'm sorry, it's a bit difficult (to do the translation)"

UNHCR Officer: "I forget to asked from what college you are,"
Translator : "I'm high school student,"
Hoeeeeee....sugoi! A high school student had done the translation job! Go! Go! Youngsters!

Back to the event...
It was a fashion show event. The clothes were design by Japanese designers. The clothes were a resemble for each nation. There were 10 nations that being represented at the event. I only remember several (:D). Bhutan, Ecuador, Myanmar, Pakistan, New Zealand, Japan, etc. After each nation fashion show, the two MC gave short description about the nation. During the fashion show came a photographer. I think his name was Kei-san. After his appearance, the fashion show continued.

Japanese turn was the last. I thought umi was the one who designed the clothing. But, he didn't.
But, umi really showed up after the fashion show. He was talking, but I don't understand any of it. (:D)

Then umi was asked about his clothing, overall kinda grey jeans. He insisted that it was, "Ao" or blue. (XDDDDD). 
After that, the models were brought back to the stage. umi was politely gave the way for them. He leads them and quickly leave the stage. 

The models were ready for the scoring. They carried a board with number and name of the nation. 
I like Bhutan's design, then Japanese. I like the male model for Ecuador and New Zealand because they were very high spirited. (XD). 

Next show was a talk show about the event and also the matter. It's in Japanese so I don't understand a word. The lady with veil was beautiful though. (X3). 

After the talk show, finally the time for the fashion show winner. The first one to be announced was...Japanese!! And umi was asked to give the award and a short speech. umi was surprised and pointed to himself, "ore?" (Gyaaaaaaa!! Cute!!). umi didn't commented much about the fashion, he said:

"Because I'm Japanese, ureshii (I'm happy)," *smile* (and I fainted).

I don't really understand the order. I thought Japan was the winner, but they also announced Spain and Myanmar which took the ribbon of "Miss and Mr. WHYBLUE (I think). 

Before the closing, Bhutan's male model gave a speech about the event and also the issued. The back screen then showed pictures of how the event was created, the backstage people, and also the on going event. (that I print screen it XD). 

Then everyone gathered to took picture. I was looking for umi..and found a small appearance of him. (X3)  

The show was finished. And question left on my mind, 

"What was umi doing there?" 

I thought he designed clothing, since the site was telling him as "the one that do total image look of vistlip". Maybe he was one of the jury? That would be cool~~ 

I'm waiting for umi to post pictures of him at the event, or maybe his pictures of the event, his thought at his blog, or the event would share pictures of him. Anything! 

When the event was about to started, I felt so nervous~ 

"I will be watching umi!" 

I tweeted about my feeling, 

" having butterflies flying inside my stomach..." 

Two of my friends replied and thought I was...falling in love!! (XDDD). 

But...yeah...maybe I fall in love with umi... (:3) *smacked by Kimi*  

And coincidentally, I wore something blue yesterday. 

Okay, it's only blue stripes...but it's still blue, right umi? (XD)

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