Tuesday, June 25, 2013

umi at WHY BLUE? 2013 event (part 2).

Finally the organization shares report and pictures of the event~~
I know that I watched the event because of umi.
So let me share the links of the event reports.
Here are some of the links:

UNHCR Japan Home Page

Japan Times


mentor diamond (1)

mentor-diamond (2)

J-FUN Youth

And here's umi's pictures at the event~

Just realized that umi wore...sandals!! 
umi, you are really something!! (XD). 

The video of the event can be watched at STARTLINELIVE youtube channel. 
(I don't understand why I can't attached the link here...). 

*) all the links and pictures are belong to WHY BLUE? and J-FUN Youth. 
please informed me if I should put down the whole thing. 

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