Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tour at Istana Bogor.

Last weekend, me and friends were going to a tour at Istana Bogor.
Well, it's not exactly a tour. More like an open house.
To celebrate the city's birthday, one of the famous city landmark was open for public, that is Istana Bogor.
And it was free of charge. It was also my first time coming to the open house.

Our scheduled was on 11 am.
We gathered at the city hall where the officer would took us inside the Istana's area.
It was crowded! We were forbidden to bring our bag inside, and had to leave it behind.
I had TABOO and my favorite book, so I insisted to carried a small pocket bag.
I wouldn't dare to left it and lost it...

Continue with the open house...
The Istana's officer and policeman lead us the way to the Istana.
There we had to pass through metal detector. They asked us to hand our cell phone before get to the metal detector. .
I don't get it why they do that because they only take it and give it back after we got out from the detector. Maybe the cell phone might get ruined if we carried it through the device?

(waiting to enter Istana)

We were lead to the Istana's building. I took pictures of the area around.

Ah, I must explained it first about Istana Bogor. In English, "Istana" is "Palace". You can read descriptions of the palace here. I do love it's old Dutch architecture. It felt old, antique, but also amusing. 
Too bad we were forbidden to take pictures inside the Istana. 

The inside of Istana was mainly meeting halls. The President often held a meeting there, with his ministers or foreign ambassadors. Istana Bogor was also used once to welcomed the former president of United States of America, George W. Bush. 

We couldn't entered some rooms, so we only took a look from outside and walk in the hall way. The air was quite chill inside, before I realized the fresh air was coming from the air conditioner... (=.=) 
Something remarkable inside was the "1000 mirrors". When I stood in front of the mirror, I would see 1000 reflections of me and my background. How it can happen? I don't know...and I can't took picture to be shown here... (Orz). 

The tour was fast. After we get outside we had the chance to took picture around. One attractive thing from the place was the statues...statues of naked woman...and I was thrill took pictures of it! (XD) 

My friend, Tantri was imitating the statue. Close enough, huh? (XD)

Pictures around Istana. 

Beware! (XD)

Another look of Istana. 

My friend, Mia in front of a dragon's statue. 

Somehow the dragon looked like the dragon from Mulan. (XD)

Another scoop of building at Istana's area. I really wanted to know what's the building are for..a warehouse? 

And...narcissistic time~~ I was imitating umi a lot! (XD) 

(Harry Potter's secret chamber?)

(Tantri, Nisa, and Me)

And at the end of the day, Mia was kindly to repaired PAMO. He had lost one of his foot. 

I had great time. Let's do it again next year. 

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