Thursday, June 13, 2013

The "Replacement"

This is a never ending discussion.
Everyone can have their own opinion. And so do I.
I just wanted to write what I feel.

The subject was arise from  yesterday. I had a tweet chat with one of Sugizo's fan. We're talking about why some X Japan's fans still disliking Sugizo. Even when I watched X Japan's video on youtube, I often found comments saying that he/she doesn't like Sugizo. That Sugizo will never replaced the greatness of hide. I've read some comments that came to feel of insulting Sugizo.

I knew that Sugizo would face "hard times" when he joined X Japan. People would always compared him with hide.
But they were two different person. No need to response to saying, "Sugizo's play can't matched hide". He can't. Not because Sugizo doesn't have the ability, but because Sugizo isn't hide. Of course their ability were different, they are two different person!

Then again, it's no use to keep debating the matter.
Sugizo isn't really "replacing" hide in the band. Sugizo is the new member, and not replacing anyone. Can't people understand that?

The same situation goes for Masashi with Versailles.
At the first time joining the band, people have doubt in him. They don't want Masashi to replaced Jasmine You. He isn't. He's a new member. Kamijo has clearly stated that. Jasmine You is the eternal member, and Masashi is the new member. Can't understand the meaning either?

What make me giggled was Angelo's case.
From the beginning of the band, it was a three member band: Kirito, Kohta, and Takeo. They were helped by a supporting guitarist. Then came two new members, Karyu and Giru. But somehow some people forget the history and think the opposite way. Saying things as if the three early member were the newest members... I giggled but also feel a bit annoyed.

Replacement or not, I think they deserved a chance.

To be honest, I started to really listen to X Japan because of Sugizo's there.
I listened to Versailles after Jasmine You passed away and the Masashi joined.
I listened to Angelo before it became 5 member band. I was a bit doubt with the coming of Karyu and Giru, but I gave them the chance. And I admit now that their sound has been greater.

Just give the "replacements" a chance before you gave protest, okay?

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Dead Messenger said...

You are correct. Sugizo is not hide's replacement, he is just an addition to X Japan. No one loves hide's music more than I, but Sugizo's violin intro to "Kurenai" is the most emotional minute of music I have ever heard. I cannot listen to it without tears. I am sure that if hide could rise from the grave, he would tell us to respect Sugizo and enjoy his talents.