Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Okaasan.

Sakura: "... Do you hate our parents?" 

Riki: "I feel angry, upset, and disappointed. But, I don't hate them." 

(Kazoku Dakara). 


Sometimes, the story I've wrote reflected my own feeling.
The above conversations were taken from one of my on going story.

Even though sometimes I feel tired, fed up, upset, angry, and disappointed, but I don't think I hate my mother.
She might not the best mother in the world. But there were times when she stood by me.

It's sad that I'm deeply thinking about Mother now, when she has passed away.  
Sometimes I wished I had been nicer to her. No matter the pain I felt inside. I should have been nicer to her.
Regret always came late.

Today is Mother's birthday.
Usually we would have her favorite food: Kentucky Fried Chicken. (XD)
The family would ate together. It's our annual celebration for Mother's birthday.
This year, there will be no celebration.
Sister said, "Do we have to bring KFC to her grave?"

Happy birthday, Okaasan.
Hope you're having sweet dream up there.

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