Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tour at Istana Bogor.

Last weekend, me and friends were going to a tour at Istana Bogor.
Well, it's not exactly a tour. More like an open house.
To celebrate the city's birthday, one of the famous city landmark was open for public, that is Istana Bogor.
And it was free of charge. It was also my first time coming to the open house.

Our scheduled was on 11 am.
We gathered at the city hall where the officer would took us inside the Istana's area.
It was crowded! We were forbidden to bring our bag inside, and had to leave it behind.
I had TABOO and my favorite book, so I insisted to carried a small pocket bag.
I wouldn't dare to left it and lost it...

Continue with the open house...
The Istana's officer and policeman lead us the way to the Istana.
There we had to pass through metal detector. They asked us to hand our cell phone before get to the metal detector. .
I don't get it why they do that because they only take it and give it back after we got out from the detector. Maybe the cell phone might get ruined if we carried it through the device?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

umi at WHY BLUE? 2013 event (part 2).

Finally the organization shares report and pictures of the event~~
I know that I watched the event because of umi.
So let me share the links of the event reports.
Here are some of the links:

UNHCR Japan Home Page

Japan Times


mentor diamond (1)

mentor-diamond (2)

J-FUN Youth

And here's umi's pictures at the event~

Just realized that umi wore...sandals!! 
umi, you are really something!! (XD). 

The video of the event can be watched at STARTLINELIVE youtube channel. 
(I don't understand why I can't attached the link here...). 

*) all the links and pictures are belong to WHY BLUE? and J-FUN Youth. 
please informed me if I should put down the whole thing. 

Work: Last Week activities.

Want to share my last week activities at office.

First one was a video shooting. The model for the video was the book author.
While I was only watching and took pictures from the side. (XD)

Second one was doing final check for the second edition of the baby menu book. 
I'm happy the book is well accepted. :) 
Anyway, I just realized that Sister sometimes made me one of the food from the book, "Nugget Tahu". 
Am I a baby? (XD)

That's my last week activities~ 

Sorry, I don't understand why I couldn't make the pictures into portrait position.  
Stupid smartphone... *blaming on the gadget* 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wonderful World~

This is my love song
Wonderful World from TETSU69


me to me ga atta shunkan boku no kokoro no naka ni nemuru
tooi mukashi ni oitekita koigokoro ga hajikete
nanda ka fushigi na kurai jibun ga jibun ja nai mitai
miru mono subete ga kagayaki sora mo toberu ki ga shita

kumori GARASU no mukou gawa ni nani ga aru to iu no
hikaru afureru kono hiroi sora no shita de ima futari kaze ni nattanda ne

ikura kangaete mo kotae nante nai sa
kimi ga iru boku ga iru tada sore dake de ii
ashita no koto nante dare ni mo wakaranai
kami-sama ga boku-tachi ni kureta deai nante suteki nandarou

natsu no hizashi ni sasoware massugu umi made tsuzuku michi
kimi no futari kaze ni fukare yoku itta ne ano basho

suna ni kaita MESSEEJI nami ni sarawarete shimau Can You feel it in your heart?

kaze ni yureteru kimi no nagai kami ni kokoro tokete
kimi no egao wo miru tabi ni dandan yuuki ga waitekuru sonna ki ga shita

ikura kangaete mo kotae nante nai sa
kimi ga iru boku ga iru tada soredake de ii
ashita no koto nante dare ni mo wakaranai
kami-sama ga boku-tachi ni kureta deai nante suteki nandarou
kono hiroi sekai de kimi to meguriaeta
fushigi da ne yume naraba kono mama samenaide
kowagaru koto nai sa kitto umaku iku sa
kono mama ja owaranai subarashii sekai ga matterun darou


Friday, June 21, 2013

umi at WHYBLUE?2013 June 20th event.

I thought I couldn't watched it. I did watched it. Thank God!! (XD).

umi's appearances at WHYBLUE?2013 June 20th event. 

Short explanations.
June 20th was a Refugee Day. And WHYBLUE was an event made to celebrate the day also to brought the awareness about refugee, especially from the youngsters.

Well, my real and strong reason to put attention to the event was because of umi involved in it. (:D).
I saw umi retweet the account, I get curious and stalk the account.
I found out that umi would "do a stage" at the event. I suspect that umi would be a model again! I must see it!!!
Surprising progress came when WHYBLUE share video link to watched the!
It made me standing by in front of my computer since morning. (XD)

The event was started at 6pm (JST). It was 4pm (Jakarta Standard Time).
It was started with an introduction by the two MC.
Then one officer from UNHCR gave his speech in English. He appreciated the Japanese youngsters attention for the event. He's pleased that they were aware about the refugee issues. Then he talked more about what is refugee and why people should put more concerned about them. During the speech, there was someone doing the Japanese translations, but kinda didn't went well (XD). The translator was a bit confused and slow with his work.

UNHCR Officer: "You should learn more about Japanese language," *laugh*
Translator: "I'm sorry, it's a bit difficult (to do the translation)"

UNHCR Officer: "I forget to asked from what college you are,"
Translator : "I'm high school student,"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The "Replacement"

This is a never ending discussion.
Everyone can have their own opinion. And so do I.
I just wanted to write what I feel.

The subject was arise from  yesterday. I had a tweet chat with one of Sugizo's fan. We're talking about why some X Japan's fans still disliking Sugizo. Even when I watched X Japan's video on youtube, I often found comments saying that he/she doesn't like Sugizo. That Sugizo will never replaced the greatness of hide. I've read some comments that came to feel of insulting Sugizo.

I knew that Sugizo would face "hard times" when he joined X Japan. People would always compared him with hide.
But they were two different person. No need to response to saying, "Sugizo's play can't matched hide". He can't. Not because Sugizo doesn't have the ability, but because Sugizo isn't hide. Of course their ability were different, they are two different person!

Then again, it's no use to keep debating the matter.
Sugizo isn't really "replacing" hide in the band. Sugizo is the new member, and not replacing anyone. Can't people understand that?

The same situation goes for Masashi with Versailles.
At the first time joining the band, people have doubt in him. They don't want Masashi to replaced Jasmine You. He isn't. He's a new member. Kamijo has clearly stated that. Jasmine You is the eternal member, and Masashi is the new member. Can't understand the meaning either?

What make me giggled was Angelo's case.
From the beginning of the band, it was a three member band: Kirito, Kohta, and Takeo. They were helped by a supporting guitarist. Then came two new members, Karyu and Giru. But somehow some people forget the history and think the opposite way. Saying things as if the three early member were the newest members... I giggled but also feel a bit annoyed.

Replacement or not, I think they deserved a chance.

To be honest, I started to really listen to X Japan because of Sugizo's there.
I listened to Versailles after Jasmine You passed away and the Masashi joined.
I listened to Angelo before it became 5 member band. I was a bit doubt with the coming of Karyu and Giru, but I gave them the chance. And I admit now that their sound has been greater.

Just give the "replacements" a chance before you gave protest, okay?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Okaasan.

Sakura: "... Do you hate our parents?" 

Riki: "I feel angry, upset, and disappointed. But, I don't hate them." 

(Kazoku Dakara). 


Sometimes, the story I've wrote reflected my own feeling.
The above conversations were taken from one of my on going story.

Even though sometimes I feel tired, fed up, upset, angry, and disappointed, but I don't think I hate my mother.
She might not the best mother in the world. But there were times when she stood by me.

It's sad that I'm deeply thinking about Mother now, when she has passed away.  
Sometimes I wished I had been nicer to her. No matter the pain I felt inside. I should have been nicer to her.
Regret always came late.

Today is Mother's birthday.
Usually we would have her favorite food: Kentucky Fried Chicken. (XD)
The family would ate together. It's our annual celebration for Mother's birthday.
This year, there will be no celebration.
Sister said, "Do we have to bring KFC to her grave?"

Happy birthday, Okaasan.
Hope you're having sweet dream up there.