Friday, May 10, 2013

Mukimpo-kun is back!!

Yesterday was a public holiday in Indonesia.
I went out with my two friends: Mia and Fitri.
Our main purpose was to try various kinds of food~~

Our first stop was, "Sop Buntut" at Air Mancur, Warung Jambu, Bogor.
Since I wasn't a good food tester so I score the food as "nothing special" (XD)
The service was quick though. We didn't have to wait long for our order to arrived.
But the price was bill was Rp. 41.000 for one portion of "Sop Buntut", a plate of rice, sweet iced tea, and "emping".

(Fitri got 2000 rupiahs for her sower iced tea. So the sugar on my order was cost 2000 rupiahs...)

From Warung Jambu, we walked to our second stop, "es sekoteng" at Sawojajar Street.
Since the place was crowded, we decide to wait inside nearby mall.
And there I found... MUKIMPO-KUN!!!!
It's a miracle! I felt as if I really have him back... (XP)

When we get back, the place was still a bit crowded.
I was looking for a place for us when an old man put his hand on the table as if he said, "Sorry, this place was taken".
I don't like his gesture. He could just said it to me.

When we finally found a place...Fitri and me spotted a big spider above the tree...

I could imagine how Zufar (nephew) would get freaked out when he saw it.

Then the "es sekoteng" arrived. But, I kinda disappointed since they were run out of avocado. So we only get ice, milk, coconut, and "pacar cina". 

It would be more delicious with avocado, pineapple, and "kolang-kaling". Oh well, it still refreshed us. One portion of es sekoteng cost 9000 rupiahs. 

After we finished, Fitri went to Bogor Permai (beside the place) and bought a bread to brought home. Then we continued to Tajur, Ciawi because Fitri wanted to look for bags. Mia and me were kinda confused which route should take and so it cost us much time. 

But, it wasn't bad because we stopped by at Gramedia Book Store in Pajajaran. Three of us manage to get something and I was broke because I get a lot of comics. 

The rain was coming down when we arrived at Terminal Tas, Tajur, Ciawi. The three of us get on our own way and look around. I was looking a case for TABOO when I met an ex-coworker. Bogor was surely a small city... 

I couldn't find the case so I continued to look for a bag that I can put ALL the things I need for work. I couldn't found any. Instead I found a bag that cost 800.000 rupiahs. Who's on earth would bought that bag?! I would rather bought two CD or one DVD with that price. 

I was amazed seeing Fitri didn't feel tired went around from one store to the second one. Girls... (XD)
Mia and me were feeling tired so we decided to wait for her while eating "bakso". The taste wasn't good, but it warmth our stomach. We left the area in the evening. Fitri still wanted to went to a mall which made me and Mia back down. (XD). So we decide to get back in separate ways. 

I remembered our chat when we were eating "Sop Buntut". Fitri asked why Mia like to went on a nature adventure, such as seeing waterfall. It isn't a way of having fun on Fitri's mind. While Mia said, she didn't understand how Fitri could do "adventure" from one place to another just for shopping. That's quite true! (XD)

I guess, each person has its own way of having fun. Mia with doing nature adventure, Fitri with shopping, while me with very simple things like this below...

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