Saturday, May 11, 2013

[lyric] Love Song - Luna Sea (just English Translation)

I'm not alone, still lost...I can't believe it
Until I knew you,
I couldn't even see my own self
Walking alone without seeing
the dazzling light all around me
Touching everything was so very frightening

I miss you I can still remember
I love you Your eyes

Until I met you, I somehow believed
That life was nothing but blood and fighting
Even though we hurt each other,
I loved you so much during our journey
I still want to hold on to a dream
that will never end

I miss you Someday
That wound
I love you Will heal

So, I love you
Love Song Together
I'll never let you go

I want to believe that I'm not alone
even though we're far apart
And when I miss you,
I'll hold this song close...

I miss you Someday
We'll have
I love you That dream again

So, I want to tell you
Love Song Together
I wanted to be with you
I love you
Love Song Together
I'll never forget you or this love

Love Together

(from Luna Sea Complete Best booklet)

Ryu-chan had written the first and second lines of the song on her thesis for me. I was really happy.
I never thought that she had that feeling for me.
Then something bad happened...I screw up things...and screw up our friendship.

It's been difficult for me to listen to the song again. Thinking of the meaning, thinking of what has happened. My stupidity.

I really want to deliver all the words of the song to Ryu-chan. Though I know it won't do any good.
I miss her. So much.
I never forget about her. Not even once.

"I'll never forget you or this love"

Ryu-chan, will you accept it?

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