Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lousy Stomach

This post will be kinda gross...

Stomach ache or digestive problems has always been my regularly illness. Either I had constipation or diarrhea.

I always had my daily "morning routine". But for the last couple of days, I couldn't do it. I took medicine after 2 days. It worked for a while before I get constipation again.
So I took another medicine. This time it's my ultimate medicine when I had constipation. But, for the first time, I didn't get it out in the morning.

"Fudge," I said.

I went to work and then it happened. My stomach started to raging. Damn! The medicine worked! I forgot that it took 8-9 hours to worked. I took it at 11 pm, then it would be working at 7 am the next day. It did. When I was on my way to work!!

I knew I should have looking for near by toilet. But, no~ I took the bus instead. I thought I would have it at the office. I was hoping the traffic won't be bad since it isn't Monday.
Heaven tested me.


I can only see car lining so long~~ while my stomach raging. I hold on tight to my seat. Ah, for the information, I was on the highway. (Only in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, there's traffic on highway). Where I can find a toilet in the highway?! Heaven, please?!!

I sat restlessly. Praying the bus can get away from the traffic. Trying my best to make my stomach calm. Trying to hold something from coming out. (Sorry, I've said it will be gross, right?). I was sweating. The bus conductor was standing beside me and might noticed something strange with me. He even checked the bus AC. Damn!

The buss passed one highway gate. I was thinking to getting off. But then canceled it and decide to keep hold on until office. I soon regret the decision...

To make myself calm, I chatted with the bus conductor about the caused of the traffic. He's a smart person. (But that's not the main point!! My stomach was raging! I think I can't hold it much longer!!).

Me: "Mm..can I get off here?" 
Bus conductor: "Here? Took ojek? Sure,"
Me: "Yes, really?" (trying to hide my excitement and the raging stomach)
Bus conductor: "Sure, if we can be at the side of the street,"
Me: "What about now? It's stuck anyway. Perfect time," 
Bus conductor: (thinking) "Okay," 

Then he kindly told people to make way for me so I can get off from the bus. I'm so grateful to him!!! (He might realized the true reason of my weird act though. I'm embarrassed).

I was the only one who get off (off course). Then I quickly walked to the highway gate. I don't care cars passed me with the drivers looking at me. They might be thinking,

"What's that person doing?"

I don't care!! I'm almost on my limit!!
I quickly get to an officer and asked where was the toilet. She show it. I quickly get inside and...thank you Heaven...
But, not long after, someone knocked the door saying she wanted to used the toilet.

Me: "I'll be out soon..." (TwT)

After I done. I look for another bus to get to my destination. Luckily I was quite familiar with which bus I should took. It was also empty~~ I took the front seat and breathe victory. (XDD)

Good thing I can hold on through the long way...
Another good thing, I get an email offering me a freelance work! (I will make another post about this).

But now I'm feeling limp. My stomach still hurts...
Boss, can I skipped home? (TwT)

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