Tuesday, May 07, 2013

"As if in a dream"

May 2nd, 2012.
A year ago.
One of my lifetime dreams have become true.


To be honest, I couldn't recall the correct order of the event.
I have lost my memories of the day
But, my heart has kept the record of the feeling.
It beats faster every time I tried to remember, and a wide smile would then came to my face.

I couldn't make a post about that super awesome day.
I might be crying hard, just like when the live was over.

Me crying?


Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself.
Neither Anggi-chan and my family *laugh* 

I was doing fine when the concert started.
I was doing fine when they played Anata and dressed in white.
I whispered, "Damn, they were in white!"

I was doing fine when I get the "HOLY BANANA".
Yes, I get the banana that tetsuya had throw.
Well, not really "get it". It was a bless that I will forever be grateful.

What had happened was tetsuya was throwing bananas and lollipops to the audience.
I didn't join the crowd since I knew I never had good luck.
Then...a banana was being toss several times and fell not far in front of me.
A security guard took it and look at me.

Me: "Please give it to me!" 

That's how I get the holy banana *big grin*
I didn't want to ate the banana. I want to kept it forever.
But, since it get rotten every single day. I had no choice than to ate it.
When I finally decide...I look at the banana...remembering the night when I luckily get it...and ate the top...I almost cried a little *laugh* then I go on until finished.

"Banana's leader is inside me now" (my favorite line...and a pervert one too XD)

Back about the crying...

Anggi-chan was in tears when Anata being played. I hug her shoulders.
I felt weird with myself.

"It's one of my favorite songs. It's the song that I always want to hear live. They dressed in white. The light rain has add the perfection of the song's scene. But, why I didn't cried?" 

I cried badly when tetsuya waved, smiled, went to his microphone, and said,


When I saw his back going further...I couldn't hold my tears from running down.
I cried. I called him many times,

"tetsuya! Banana! LEADER! MATA NE!!" 

But he didn't turn around. He has leave. hyde has leave. ken has leave. yukkie has leave.
And a part of my soul has leave with them...

I cried on Anggi's arms. Ni-chan also comfort me.
I couldn't stop. I kept on crying for several minutes.
After it, I felt embarrassed *laugh* 

That day, I get everything I wanted.
Watching the live of my most favorite band.
Getting all merchandise I wanted.
Getting the CD and DVDs.
Getting the Holy Banana.

Perfect day of my life. The best day of my life.

(I remember before I went to the venue, Spongebob cartoon was airing on TV and he was singing, "It's the best day ever". How very true...)

I finally met Yo-chan for the first time. She's my sweet "imotou" (^^).
I also met Blue-chan. (thanks to her, one of L'Arc crew had took a picture of us).
I met Mey-chan (through Linda-chan).
And I get to knew two guy which one was almost get his hand on the banana. Gomen! *grins*

Another best moment of the live...
I get to saw a little part of tetsuya's bare chest! *laugh*
My position was on his side. When I entered the venue, I quickly grabbed the fence.

"No one could drag me away from here! I won't give this place to anyone!"

When tetsuya was in front of me, I had the thinking,

"Man, that's the guy who lead this awesome band. That 40 years old guy," 

"LEADER!!!!!" *looking at his chest*

Since then, I was officially in love with L'eader *laugh* 
A long time ago, hyde was my favorite member. Then change to yukkie. And now it's L'eader. When will ken? L'Arc~en~Ciel is the only band which I love every member equally. Everyone get the same chance to be loved by me (XD).

L'Arc~en~Ciel is the four of them.
L'Arc~en~Ciel is hyde, tetsuya, ken, and yukkie.
I love them all. I love the four of them.

L'Arc crew: "What the meaning of L'Arc~en~Ciel to you?"
Me: "For me...L'Arc~en~Ciel is like when I hungry I eat, it's natural to love them"
(turned to Anggi-chan)
Me: "What I just said?"
Anggi: "You've just said that L'Arc~en~Ciel is like a rice." *grins*

My dear God...On an interviewed with L'Arc's crew and I said the band was like a rice?? Orz

My dearest and beautiful rainbow. I love you. I will always love you.
You will always be the first.
Please come back someday. Please bring back the rainbow to my sky.
I will be waiting for the promise.

"MATE NE!!!"


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