Friday, April 05, 2013

Picture Blogging: Satsuki with violin.

Satsuki with violin....

Different feeling with SUGIZO when he's with violin..
But still...


Love it!!

Satsuki said he played violin and piano in his 1st album, LUMINOUS.
On April 17th, Satsuki will be releasing his PV collection DVD with title MOULIN ROUGE.
The DVD will consist his solo works PV from Awake until LUMINOUS.
Today he upload a picture of the DVD jacket. So lovely~~ Here's the back of the DVD.
He's playing piano for INSIDE and there's a PV for the song. I want to see him playing piano and violin~~

But, I can't get the DVD. No money....
I'm saving for vistlip's album in July (^w^).

Best wishes for Sacchan~~

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