Thursday, April 04, 2013

New band: JUPITER.

I guess everybody has already know about it.

There's a new band called JUPITER.
The member of the band are: Hizaki (guitar), Teru (guitar), Yuki (drums), Masashi (bass), and Zin (vokal).
They will release their single on this summer.

I've seen some articles with headlines: "ex-Versailles member" or "former Versailles member".



At least they haven't officially announce it...

"They replace Kamijo?"

It's a different band, so they have a different vocalist.

Yeah, it's odd... I know...

Kamijo will be doing his solo career while the four are forming new band.
No wonder people think Versailles are disbanding.
To be honest, I already have the thinking from the time Kamijo announced their hiatus.

Still, the management hasn't make official announcement.
Kamijo has shown his support for the new band by tweeting about it.
Hizaki also doing the same. He puts "Versailles" logo at the new band's official website.
They are supporting each other.

I will also give the band a chance. Just like Hizaki's said, they will create the best music you've ever listened to.

(then, Versailles's music isn't the best?) *ignore this*

I know I should give them a chance, but I feel a bit sad seeing it isn't Kamijo sitting there...
It's just like one of my Versailles's fan fiction...Kamijo leave the four who bound to stay together until his return.

Until they get back together again.
Until the roses blooming again.

"When the time comes, you may meet Versailles again" - Hizaki.

May meet? (TwT)
It's a promise, Hime? You will be back again, right?

Anyway, Hime doesn't aware of it...but in Indonesia, Jupiter is a name of a motorcycle its feel odd to mention the name. People who heard would connect it with a motorcycle. (XD)

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