Sunday, April 28, 2013

[manga] D.Gray-Man release in Indonesia!

WASSHOI! The moment I have been waiting has finally come true! The release of D.Gray-Man’s manga in Indonesia! The series was being release by m&c!

Actually I was hesitant the series would be release, since the theme was kind of “hard to understand”: the fight between Black Order and Noah, the story of the Noah, etc, and there were some cruel scenes (when the Akuma took the human body and when the exorcist was being “slaughtered”).

I immediately fell in love with the series after I read its anime’s article. Ryu-chan was very kind to help me get all the episodes. I didn’t know that it also has a manga series. Correction, it started as manga series and then made as an anime (I wonder why this popular series didn’t have a movie). I’ve read the chapters online, but I always wanted to have the manga’s form. Then I bought the unofficial manga. I have it until three volumes. I couldn’t find more on the clearance book store. Years from there, having read the series online, then came the news that one of the comic publishers would officially release it. I was so freaking happy! Finally I get the chance to have it in real manga book form! Thank you m&c!!!! Finally I can read about Allen, Kanda, and Lavi!! (Lenalee: “Oi…”)

Well, there were some oddness with the Indonesian version. For example, the way they cut the words using (-). I found some that made me uncomfortable in reading it. There’s also one dialogue that made me giggled, when Allen confronted The Earl in the graveyard (chapter The 3rd Night: Pentacle),

Allen: “Aku pernah mengubah orang kesayanganku menjadi akuma.”

“Kesayanganku?”, maybe they translated the word from “my beloved one”, but it’s odd to read. It should have been “orang yang kusayangi.” Then again, it didn’t ruin my fun reading it.  

The Japanese series has gone so far; maybe it almost reached the end of the long story. I hope the Indonesian one would also fast catching up with the original series. Though I’ve known the story, but it was worth to read over and over again. I hope it could be release every week! (XD) and I seriously hope Hoshino-sensei would finally end this series…I feel sorry for Allen who get hurt ALL THE TIME, especially his heart. Allen has protected the human, but they thought he’s one of the Noah. If Allen’s heart finally gave up, he would be going to the Noah for sure! Strangely, I don’t hate the Noah; instead I hate Black Order who has made the exorcist suffer! If I had that kind of thinking, then Allen would also have the same thinking … That’s my own perception, it’s another story to tell. (X3)  

Hoshino-sensei, please be quick with the story!

m&c!, please be quick with the release! And thank you for officially release D.Gray-Man!! (^O^)  


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