Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4th Round: Bahrain

The 4th round of 2013 Formula One season. Bahrain.
Kimi manage to finished in second place despite of having allergic reaction before the start of the race.
No wonder he was looking sleepy while he's on the podium.

Somehow I feel Kimi has been quite "tricky". Once he got food poisoning and now allergic. Though Mark said Kimi would had it about 3-4 times a year...Hope he will be doing okay.

Believe it or not...
Couple of days before the race, I had a dream about Kimi.
I was reading a headline on the newspaper, telling that Kimi finished in P2.
(I clearly remember "P2" written in it).
Usually, every time I had a dream about Kimi, it will be the opposite in the reality.
So, dreaming of him winning will be the opposite of it.

"Damn." I said.

I tried to act as cool and calm as I can be. Trying not to feel excited with the upcoming race. Trying not to cheer on Kimi until the race ended. I'm a jinx for him (:D).

But, thank God my dream has become true. Thank God it didn't became a nightmare. Feuh~~

Congratulation for the result, Kimi.
Thank you for your never ending hard work.


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