Sunday, April 28, 2013

[manga] D.Gray-Man release in Indonesia!

WASSHOI! The moment I have been waiting has finally come true! The release of D.Gray-Man’s manga in Indonesia! The series was being release by m&c!

Actually I was hesitant the series would be release, since the theme was kind of “hard to understand”: the fight between Black Order and Noah, the story of the Noah, etc, and there were some cruel scenes (when the Akuma took the human body and when the exorcist was being “slaughtered”).

I immediately fell in love with the series after I read its anime’s article. Ryu-chan was very kind to help me get all the episodes. I didn’t know that it also has a manga series. Correction, it started as manga series and then made as an anime (I wonder why this popular series didn’t have a movie). I’ve read the chapters online, but I always wanted to have the manga’s form. Then I bought the unofficial manga. I have it until three volumes. I couldn’t find more on the clearance book store. Years from there, having read the series online, then came the news that one of the comic publishers would officially release it. I was so freaking happy! Finally I get the chance to have it in real manga book form! Thank you m&c!!!! Finally I can read about Allen, Kanda, and Lavi!! (Lenalee: “Oi…”)

Well, there were some oddness with the Indonesian version. For example, the way they cut the words using (-). I found some that made me uncomfortable in reading it. There’s also one dialogue that made me giggled, when Allen confronted The Earl in the graveyard (chapter The 3rd Night: Pentacle),

Allen: “Aku pernah mengubah orang kesayanganku menjadi akuma.”

“Kesayanganku?”, maybe they translated the word from “my beloved one”, but it’s odd to read. It should have been “orang yang kusayangi.” Then again, it didn’t ruin my fun reading it.  

The Japanese series has gone so far; maybe it almost reached the end of the long story. I hope the Indonesian one would also fast catching up with the original series. Though I’ve known the story, but it was worth to read over and over again. I hope it could be release every week! (XD) and I seriously hope Hoshino-sensei would finally end this series…I feel sorry for Allen who get hurt ALL THE TIME, especially his heart. Allen has protected the human, but they thought he’s one of the Noah. If Allen’s heart finally gave up, he would be going to the Noah for sure! Strangely, I don’t hate the Noah; instead I hate Black Order who has made the exorcist suffer! If I had that kind of thinking, then Allen would also have the same thinking … That’s my own perception, it’s another story to tell. (X3)  

Hoshino-sensei, please be quick with the story!

m&c!, please be quick with the release! And thank you for officially release D.Gray-Man!! (^O^)  


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stupid Act.

Laptop is a mini computer that you can use on top of your lap.
But you aren't recommend to do so.
The heat from below part of the laptop would slowly burned your upper skin and would result red marks.

Anyway... I guess that rule was meant for any kind of device...

Last night, after I had done some preparations for today's meeting, I played a game on TABOO (my tab).
I was lying down and held it on my chest.
Minutes later, I started to felt ache on my's aching and I can't breathe...

"Is this a sign of heart attack?"

I soon realize that the ache might caused because of keeping TABOO on my chest.
I quickly put it down, but the ache didn't go away.
I spray a kind of warm oil ("minyak angin" in Indonesian), it felt a bit better, but still aching.
I can't sleep for about half of hours, thinking that I would die because of keeping a hot tab on my chest...

The ache disappeared in the morning, though I still feel hardly to do deep breath.
Stupid act...
People, don't ever tried it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4th Round: Bahrain

The 4th round of 2013 Formula One season. Bahrain.
Kimi manage to finished in second place despite of having allergic reaction before the start of the race.
No wonder he was looking sleepy while he's on the podium.

Somehow I feel Kimi has been quite "tricky". Once he got food poisoning and now allergic. Though Mark said Kimi would had it about 3-4 times a year...Hope he will be doing okay.

Believe it or not...
Couple of days before the race, I had a dream about Kimi.
I was reading a headline on the newspaper, telling that Kimi finished in P2.
(I clearly remember "P2" written in it).
Usually, every time I had a dream about Kimi, it will be the opposite in the reality.
So, dreaming of him winning will be the opposite of it.

"Damn." I said.

I tried to act as cool and calm as I can be. Trying not to feel excited with the upcoming race. Trying not to cheer on Kimi until the race ended. I'm a jinx for him (:D).

But, thank God my dream has become true. Thank God it didn't became a nightmare. Feuh~~

Congratulation for the result, Kimi.
Thank you for your never ending hard work.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Picture Blogging: >/////<

Nephew: "Is that an ice cream?"

Me: "Yes, it is." *blushing* 

Nephew: "What kind of ice cream? Is it delicious? It looked delicious."

Me: " is..." *blushing* 

Friday, April 05, 2013

Picture Blogging: Satsuki with violin.

Satsuki with violin....

Different feeling with SUGIZO when he's with violin..
But still...


Love it!!

Satsuki said he played violin and piano in his 1st album, LUMINOUS.
On April 17th, Satsuki will be releasing his PV collection DVD with title MOULIN ROUGE.
The DVD will consist his solo works PV from Awake until LUMINOUS.
Today he upload a picture of the DVD jacket. So lovely~~ Here's the back of the DVD.
He's playing piano for INSIDE and there's a PV for the song. I want to see him playing piano and violin~~

But, I can't get the DVD. No money....
I'm saving for vistlip's album in July (^w^).

Best wishes for Sacchan~~

[Book] anak kita March 2013 book.

anak kita March 2013 book.

Title: Dongeng & Fabel Dunia Populer.
Compilator: Dian Kristiani.
Illustrator: Innerchild Studio.
Editor: Juliagar R. N. 
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Genre: Children Book. 
Price: Rp. 58.000. 
Publisher: anak kita

The title in English is "The world's popular fairy tales and fables".
The book consist of 12 popular fairy tales and fables, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Three Little Pigs, Ugly Duckling, The tale of Mouse and Lion, etc.
The stories was retold by Dian Kristiani with simple and easy words for little children to read.
This book is suitable for children who have started to read.
The stories are short and some used rhyme words, which make it fun to read along with beautiful colorful illustrations by Innerchild Studio.
Let's get inside to the beautiful and charming world of fairy tales!

Editor's Story: 

I always feel fun to edited story book, like fairy tales or fables. It's exciting! I like reading fairy tales~
Even so I still find difficulties in selecting stories and words that suitable for children's mind. I had to change some scenes in the stories, such as the scene when charming prince kissed Sleeping Beauty to waken her up, the same goes for Snow White; I've also change the scene when prince tricked Rapunzel to get inside her captivated tower, etc. Will the children notice it? Wondering about their reaction (^^). The reason why I changed the scenes was to avoid inappropriate scenes for children, like kissing. Well they would known about it when they grew older, why spoil the fun at early age? (XP). Beside of that, I also want to bring happy and fun feeling when Children reads the book. The illustrations will complete the work.


Title: 132 Jawaban Dokter untuk Perawatan & Perkembangan Bayi (0-12 bulan).
Writer: dr. Fransiska Sri Susanti Sp.A.
Editor: Juliagar R. N. 
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Genre: Parenting Book.
Price: tba
Publisher: anak kita

The book consist of 132 questions and answers about growing up baby from the day its born until its get to 12 years old. There's also explanations of baby related things, such as bilirubin, myths around baby born, baby's sickness, food, first walk, baby growing's chart , etc. It's a suitable book for woman who has just becoming a mother.

Editor's Story: 

Editing a book like this is always feel exciting yet confusing (XD). I get so many information about babies that I haven't known before. This book was made through an interview process with the doctor, because her schedule was very tight to write a book. In short, I interview the doctor then compile it to become a book. It's quite tiring to listen the recording again and again, every day. This book was also late in production because I seem couldn't get what I want to come up from the book. I always feel lacking in some parts. In the end, I feel glad the book was finally finished :)
The fun thing about working the book was going to new place I haven't gone before, getting new information, and meeting new people. It's tiring but I also feel satisfied. Hope the book will bring happiness to people reading it. Enjoy~~~        

Thursday, April 04, 2013

New band: JUPITER.

I guess everybody has already know about it.

There's a new band called JUPITER.
The member of the band are: Hizaki (guitar), Teru (guitar), Yuki (drums), Masashi (bass), and Zin (vokal).
They will release their single on this summer.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday Smile.

I've seen umi tweeting it.
I've seen Regina-chan also tweeting about it.
But, I seen it by today...

umi and kei (baroque) interview and pictures on barks.



Sadly...I don't understand the interview...

But, I get my Monday booster!
A picture of umi's smile! (>w<)


It's rare to see him smiling. He always put his scary look.
He has nice smile~ I wish he would smile more~

Here's the rest of my Monday booster.