Thursday, March 14, 2013


Today. The weather is HOT!
Not only today. The weather has been extremely hot since few days ago.
Usually it's a sign for heavy rain in the evening. But, no~~ no heavy rain.
Only light rain that makes the weather becomes hotter.
For a Polar Bear, hot weather is annoying~ (>.<)

Today. Second times meeting with Shachou.
It goes well. Yokatta~
It seems positive for now. Getting new ideas.
Shachou's critics are indeed quite sharp to the heart.
But, I tried to see it for positive reasons.
I will try to follow his way of mind. He's a clever man indeed.

Today. For the second times in a row, I was having duck fried for lunch.
Forgive me dear body, be strong my dear hurt.
Promise won't eat any meat for a while.
Don't want to get difficult to breathe or feeling ache on my chest.
Had enough with the times having it... (then you should stop eating too much!).

Today. Still feeling disappointed, worried, and scared.
I don't know how to deal with those feelings.
I admit that I'm faking. I'm faking to be strong, that I don't have any slightest worry on my mind, that I believe everything will go fine, that I can get through it all. I'm just faking. (:D).

Today. That's all for today.
Hope tomorrow will be a better and brighter day :)

Have a nice day people~

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