Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Second Round: Malaysian GP.

Second round of 2013 Formula One season: Sepang, Malaysia.
Kimi started the race from 10th and finished in 7th position.
Actually, Kimi got P7 on the qualification, but he gets three grid penalty for blocking Rosberg during the session.
Start the race from 10 position + the rain might be coming down during the race = will be tough race.

It was. (:D)

A tough race indeed. Kimi had up and down positions, slow pit stops, tricky situation with Huckenberg, sliding, and difficult overtaking. Still with those situations, Kimi managed to get some points and finished in 7th. Ah~ also helped by some drivers getting out during the race (X3). Even I who watched it from TV could feel it's a tough race.

Hilarious moment happened on the race, when Hamilton mistaken coming into Mclaren's pit garage. I really laugh hard! How could that happen? Ouch, it might feel hurt for his current team, Mercedes hehehe

There were also controversy on the race, between Webber - Vettel and Hamilton - Rosberg. Similar situations but with different result.

Webber was leading the race when team mate, Vettel, overtook him. Webber got upset because earlier on the team has gave order for both drivers to turn off their machine and drove safely to the finish. Vettel disobeyed and took leading position from Webber. Vettel won the race and Webber got grumpy.

Rosberg was faster than Hamilton and said he can overtook Hamilton. But, the team doesn't approve since Hamilton was saving fuel and Rosberg obey the order. After the race, Hamilton hug Rosberg and said to the media that Rosberg should have been there on the podium.

People then divided into two. Some support Webber and said Vettel action was unreasonable. Some said Vettel doing great job as a driver. Respect was also given to Hamilton for his words for Rosberg.

From my point of view...what Vettel had done was tricky. I understand if he wanted to win the race, he's the third times world champion and have big desire to win every single race (a world champion's pride thing?). But, what's the used if instead of winning, he crashed on Webber? No points for both of them and also for the team. No wonder Webber gets upset.

Hope the team mate relationship will be better soon. Don't want the two to crash each other on the race like the other previously cases (XP).

Ah~ the next race will on China in April. Three weeks from now (>.<). It's still long...I will be missing Kimi~

Kimi: "Maybe you shouldn't watch my race"
Me: "Eh? WHY???"
Kimi: "I never get good result when you watch me racing. You're a jinx for me"
Me: *grins*
Kimi: "I'm serious"
Me: *cries*
Kimi: "I'll record the race...with special footage from me *kiss*"
Me: *faints*

Real Kimi: "What the hell...."

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