Friday, March 01, 2013

(picture) 2013 Rainbow

When L'Arc~en~Ciel Facebook page made a post this morning, I didn't notice the changing of their profile picture. I thought something was changing and when I click it...

Borrowing Yo's expression...

Mukya~ Mukya~ 

This is the new look of the rainbow aka L'Arc~en~Ciel!!

The new look has successfully made me astonish! Gosh!! 

Dodo-chan~~ Do you have to be seductive like that? Beautiful and seductive! *pats L'eader*

Ken-chan~~ You sexy old man~

Yukkie~~ Why do you hide at the back? Come forward and look straight to the front! *drag*

L'eader.. Your stare...the stare of a leader....the stare of a boss....I will obey you!! 

The meaning of L'eader's stare for me: 

"Don't do anything unnecessary. Don't spend too much money. Don't shop crazily if it isn't for me and the boys, understand?"


I understand L'eader! I will obey you fully!! 

My dearest and lovely rainbow~ I miss you all so damn much!! 

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