Monday, February 18, 2013

Radio Talk.

Finally... I can experienced my first ever radio talk! Ureshiiiiiii!!!

So, on last Sunday, I was assigned to accompanied the author of "63 Legenda - Cerita - Mitos - Fabel Nusantara" for a radio talk on channel 103.4 DFM Jakarta.

Actually I almost didn't come since the schedule was on Sunday afternoon, and I was feeling very lazy to go. I also din't know where the radio station location and was worried I won't arrived on time.

But, Heaven helps me.

I manage to arrived an half of hour early from the schedule. So I wait for the author at the station.

The talk started at 4 pm and I was stunned when the DJ said that she would asked questions for me to answer, since I was the copy editor of the book. I was acting cool but was so nervous that make my shake when I talk (XD).

Feuh...I finally experienced what umi and other Japanese rock artists have done...a radio talk.
I just hope I gave a fine answer and didn't screw it up.

After the show ended, the DJ, Bianca-san said that the recording of the talk show would be send later to me.
Don't be trouble, Bianca-san. Actually I don't want to listen to the recording. I'm embarrassed!! (>.<).

Then again, this is the parts what I love about my job: meeting new people, getting new knowledge, going to new places, experience new things.
I surely glad I've made it to come. Otherwise I would feel sorry (and I couldn't answer Megane-kun when he asked about the show this morning).

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