Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bond of Brothers: vistlip's fan fiction series.

After the sudden death of their parents, the five brothers, umi, Yuh, rui, tomo, and Tohya have start to live on their own.

umi, the first son, as responsible as a father and as caring as a mother. His daily activities are doing house works, cleaning, washing, cooking, and making sure that his brothers get everything they need. He's also working as a professional designer from home. He cares pretty much for his brothers, but since they always being noisy and causing troubles, harsh words sometimes comes out from him.

Yuh, the second son, a cheerful and easy going personality, second year in college and also working as a freelance model. Yuh has the ability to feel other's feeling just by looking, especially with his brothers. He understands every one of them. He does freelance model to pay his own college and help umi in supporting the family.

rui, the third son, quiet, mysterious, often day dreaming, and the most stubborn among the brothers. rui cares deep for his brothers, especially umi. He's in second year of Senior High.

Tohya, the fourth son, cheerful, easy going, light, and love goofing around. He's the clown in the family. But he hides a deep pain for the lost of their parents and scared to lose his brothers. When he's like that, he will be just like a little child. He's in second year of Junior High.

tomo, the fifth and the last son, perfect partner in crime with Tohya. Cheerful and have a strong power. He respects umi the most. He's in first year of Junior High. He and Tohya goes to the same school. And the two also in the same line of school with rui.


The story is only a fan fiction. There's no real event within the stories.
Will be posting it soon on my wattpad page. Hope readers will like it (^^).

Ah...also a warning...since my bias is he would be having BIG portion within the stories hehehe

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