Sunday, February 17, 2013

After nephew's parents meeting.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to nephew's parents meeting. I was there on behalf of his mother (my sister) who couldn't came because of work. I was very lazy to go~ But I don't have any choice than to go...

The parent's meeting was scheduled for 9 am. I was late. I arrived at 9.30 am. And as expected from Indonesian people...the meeting hasn't started. It started at 10 am. Luckily I did came late, huh?

The meeting was to discuss three things: the national final test, the student's motivation for study, and the prom.

The vice principals took turns in explaining the first and second, as I looked at the meeting material on the paper I've received from the front desk.'s indeed though for students nowadays. So many tests! The  graduation requirements score is also confusing and quite hard...I can understand if the students get stressed with it. But somehow I have this little confidence that nephew can make it. I hope so :)

The last material on the meeting was about the prom. I already wondering...since when parents handling the student's prom? As far as I know, during school day...prom was designed by and for the students. Parents never involved in it. It feels strange and yet funny at the same time to see those parents busy thinking what kind of prom for the students. I soon realize that the whole thing was merely a...crap.

The teachers give the matter to be discuss by the prom's committee which consists representations of the parents. The committee introduce themselves and their job desk. Then the crap started...

Leader Committee: "So parents, I'd like to ask. Do everyone agree if we have a prom for the students?" 
Parents: "Agree!!" 
(You have made the committee and now you're asking either we agree to have a prom or not?).

Leader: "Thank you, since everyone is agree, we have done some research where the prom should be held and the total cost to be paid,"
(Wow, what a hard worker. You're asking should be there a prom or not, but you already have done researches).

Leader: "Some parents will be charge to do front desk job and for security jobs,"
(It's for the first time ever...I heard parents are doing front desk job for student's prom...and security jobs as like security guards..the parents...? You must be joking...).

Leader: "The cost that parents should be paying is three hundred thousands rupiah. Do you agree?" 

Leader: "Who doesn't agree with the cost?"
Me: *raising hand and even making Sugizo's vulture sign XD* 

Really, the whole prom talking was a crap. The committee isn't professional. They don't prepare the right proposal. They read the cost for each sections (such as for food, band, stage, etc). They don't give the parents a copy of it, either do a slide show with white screen. Do they expect me to remember all the numbers?? I wish I can said it out loud, "AHO!"

What giggles me the most and finally leaving the room was when one of the vice principal said that the prom is the parent's event. What? Since when school prom is an event for parents? Who go to school anyway? The students or the parents? I walked out from the meeting room. I don't care if either the committee or the parents looked at me with vicious look. You want a fight? Bring it on!

A father asked why the prom doesn't held in the school? Why it must be on some convention hall?

The committee answer that it will be more difficult to have it at school, the security thing, the parking lot, and the cost would also be higher than if the event took held in a convention hall. Ridiculous! (with Date Masamune's style).

Security and parking lot...that wouldn't be needed if only students who'd come to the event. They don't bring vehicles, do they? The cost? It will be a lot cheaper because it's only for students and parent's aren't allow to come. Whose party anyway? I bet the students want to enjoy the prom by themselves and not with their parents.  

And the cost to be paid... three hundred thousands rupiah...I don't know with the other parents (read: mothers), but for a worker like me...for a one day event like that? It's a lot! And as I expected the protest came from the fathers. Well that's understandable, the fathers have work hard to support their family while mothers are asking more expenses? I didn't took the committee's picture but I'm really sure that they are the type of women who's daily activities are spending their husbands money.

Three hundred thousands rupiah...If I were the parents...I would use it for my kids school expenses. They are going to enter Senior High and it needs money. Rather than I spend money for the prom, I would use it for buying things for school. I don't get it...what's on the nowadays parent's mind?

I get home and report the whole thing to sister. She agreed with me and she said she won't pay the cost and won't allow her son to attend the prom. I agree. And if something happen to nephew because of the action, they will surely going to be sorry. It's not only me and sister, but the brothers are also going to move. And they better not mess with that hot boiled blood brothers. But somehow, I can't wait to see it happen (XD).

Luckily the crap thing doesn't ruin my mood. I visited my Senior High school on my way home. The story will be on another post. Jaa~~

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