Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Books for February 2013.

The newest book from anak kita. (^^)

"Kumpulan Fabel Islami"

"Kumpulan Resep MPASI Harian untuk Bayi 6-24 bulan"


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bond of Brothers: vistlip's fan fiction series.

After the sudden death of their parents, the five brothers, umi, Yuh, rui, tomo, and Tohya have start to live on their own.

umi, the first son, as responsible as a father and as caring as a mother. His daily activities are doing house works, cleaning, washing, cooking, and making sure that his brothers get everything they need. He's also working as a professional designer from home. He cares pretty much for his brothers, but since they always being noisy and causing troubles, harsh words sometimes comes out from him.

Yuh, the second son, a cheerful and easy going personality, second year in college and also working as a freelance model. Yuh has the ability to feel other's feeling just by looking, especially with his brothers. He understands every one of them. He does freelance model to pay his own college and help umi in supporting the family.

rui, the third son, quiet, mysterious, often day dreaming, and the most stubborn among the brothers. rui cares deep for his brothers, especially umi. He's in second year of Senior High.

Tohya, the fourth son, cheerful, easy going, light, and love goofing around. He's the clown in the family. But he hides a deep pain for the lost of their parents and scared to lose his brothers. When he's like that, he will be just like a little child. He's in second year of Junior High.

tomo, the fifth and the last son, perfect partner in crime with Tohya. Cheerful and have a strong power. He respects umi the most. He's in first year of Junior High. He and Tohya goes to the same school. And the two also in the same line of school with rui.


The story is only a fan fiction. There's no real event within the stories.
Will be posting it soon on my wattpad page. Hope readers will like it (^^).

Ah...also a warning...since my bias is umi...so he would be having BIG portion within the stories hehehe

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

(pictute) A cute little step: Kimi.

Today Kimi will be having a test in Barcelona.
Hope everything will goes well for him and the team.
Hopefully his car could finally help him to be at the highest place, where he deserves to be.

"A cute little step" 
Very true.... (X3)

Wonder how Kimi would react if he sees it... (XD)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Radio Talk.

Finally... I can experienced my first ever radio talk! Ureshiiiiiii!!!

So, on last Sunday, I was assigned to accompanied the author of "63 Legenda - Cerita - Mitos - Fabel Nusantara" for a radio talk on channel 103.4 DFM Jakarta.

Actually I almost didn't come since the schedule was on Sunday afternoon, and I was feeling very lazy to go. I also din't know where the radio station location and was worried I won't arrived on time.

But, Heaven helps me.

I manage to arrived an half of hour early from the schedule. So I wait for the author at the station.

The talk started at 4 pm and I was stunned when the DJ said that she would asked questions for me to answer, since I was the copy editor of the book. I was acting cool but was so nervous that make my shake when I talk (XD).

Feuh...I finally experienced what umi and other Japanese rock artists have done...a radio talk.
I just hope I gave a fine answer and didn't screw it up.

After the show ended, the DJ, Bianca-san said that the recording of the talk show would be send later to me.
Don't be trouble, Bianca-san. Actually I don't want to listen to the recording. I'm embarrassed!! (>.<).

Then again, this is the parts what I love about my job: meeting new people, getting new knowledge, going to new places, experience new things.
I surely glad I've made it to come. Otherwise I would feel sorry (and I couldn't answer Megane-kun when he asked about the show this morning).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

After nephew's parents meeting.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to nephew's parents meeting. I was there on behalf of his mother (my sister) who couldn't came because of work. I was very lazy to go~ But I don't have any choice than to go...

The parent's meeting was scheduled for 9 am. I was late. I arrived at 9.30 am. And as expected from Indonesian people...the meeting hasn't started. It started at 10 am. Luckily I did came late, huh?

The meeting was to discuss three things: the national final test, the student's motivation for study, and the prom.

The vice principals took turns in explaining the first and second, as I looked at the meeting material on the paper I've received from the front desk. Feuh...it's indeed though for students nowadays. So many tests! The  graduation requirements score is also confusing and quite hard...I can understand if the students get stressed with it. But somehow I have this little confidence that nephew can make it. I hope so :)

The last material on the meeting was about the prom. I already wondering...since when parents handling the student's prom? As far as I know, during school day...prom was designed by and for the students. Parents never involved in it. It feels strange and yet funny at the same time to see those parents busy thinking what kind of prom for the students. I soon realize that the whole thing was merely a...crap.

The teachers give the matter to be discuss by the prom's committee which consists representations of the parents. The committee introduce themselves and their job desk. Then the crap started...

Friday, February 15, 2013


Get a surprising news today...

The one that I want to make proud of won't be around for too long.
The one that asked what will be of me 10 years later, and I said that I will still be working with books.


Yeah...take him. Just take everyone that have important role around the team! Let us bleed alone!
First the chief and now...I have nothing more to say.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

"I hate myself and I want to die"

What a tough week.
Last week I've finished interviewing a pediatrician for the up coming book I'm editing. And today I finally finished to wrote down the interview. The next step will be writing a book from the interview. I only have less than a week to do it because second script has awaiting...

Today  I was supposed to have weekly meeting, but it was cancelled because megane-kun still have deadlines to finished.
So the meeting is reschedule for tomorrow, two sessions, the whole day...

At the moment I'm taking a short break
So I'm writing this...

I really missed to write. I love writing, and about everything!
I think I'm more talkative by writing than saying words. Also, writing helps me to feel better.

So...I'm hating myself too at the moment...
I hate my cowardliness and hesitant to do or say something.

What has happen?

Daddy Boss have mention some issue that I've already know since weeks ago.
But I always feel hesitant to report it. I feel I haven't gather enough information to back me up (plus I'm too shy to report it * orz * ). So I hold it up.
Meeting by meeting passes and...bang! He finally said the issues. And I was like, "Hey, I already know it..."

I'm stupid and useless...
I feel useless for Daddy Boss.
He has been so kind to me, to everyone. I've promised that I'm going to help and support him with my works. But what have I done?
I'm a disappointment. I'm disappointed with myself.

And the title of this post...I know it's only a run away from the disappointment.
It's so cheesy and it won't help me.

What can I do?
Start to working everything it up. Yeah, that's what I supposed to do.


Yeah, I do love to write~~

*I hate myself and I want to die is a song title from Rentrer en Soi. 

Monday, February 04, 2013

(Picture): umi-shimeji.

Now how can I work if my desktop fills with the little cutie monster? XDDD

Thank you to Mauly-chan for making it (^3^)