Wednesday, January 09, 2013

[work] "Komik 100 Hadits Pilihan untuk Anak"

Here it is. The newest one.

Title: Komik 100 Hadits Pilihan untuk Anak
Writer: Insight Pictures
Illustration: Insight Pictures
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Size: 19x23 cm
Page: 104 (black-white)
Price: Rp. 33.000
Publisher: Anak Kita

"Hadits is the way of talk and the way of live of prophet Muhammad SAW. Within this book there are 100 hadits that has been collected by the famous narrators such as Bukhori, Muslim, and Tarmidzi. The hadits are being told with feature of a comic, so children can have fun time in reading and at the same time learning and follow the pattern of the prophet."   

You can get this book through bookstores such as Gramedia or online stores. 
Grab one for your dearest children, nephew, niece, grand children, or neighbor. :)    

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