Thursday, January 17, 2013


Q: "Is that your shoes in the bathroom?" 
Me: "What shoes?" 
Q: "The ladies shoes,"
Me: "It's not mine. I only put umbrella . Beside, I don't wear ladies shoes,"
Q: "Ah, right. You're the one being blocked away from going inside the ladies train *laugh* You people are weird! *laugh* *pointing to co-workers*" 
Me: *laughing but inside really want to throw a katana to the man*


I objected to be called weird by a weird person!
He talked as if he isn't a weird guy.
He's also weird. But, he thinks he's normal.
That's weird, right?

I do prefer male's clothing than female's one.
I like male's T-Shirt, shoes, bags, hats, etc.
Because usually male's clothing designs aren't as complicated as female's. Male's clothing is way more simple. And the size is also big. I don't like too stretched clothes. I hardly breathe in it. The only female's clothing I have are for work and I rarely wear it (XD). Thank God, my work place isn't tight about clothing.

That's from my choice of clothing.

I also often called weird because of what I like or do is different with the rest of people.

I listen to music that I don't understand the language. I'm weird.
I like J-Rocker's artist with their unique look and style. I'm weird.
I think and act not like common people. I'm weird.
I dress differently. I'm weird.

If that so, then people that thinks I'm weird is actually weird too, right?
They can't accept "different" things that's exist in the community.
But, in the other side, they calls people who doesn't understand them as weird.
So the conclusion is...people just can't accept people who aren't the same like themselves or with common people.

That's weird.

Aren't being the same is boring?
Aren't having the same thing or doing the same things are boring?

It's normal to be different. It's not normal to be the same.

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