Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year (part 2)

Happy New Year again~~
How's everyone's new year's eve?

I thought my new year's eve would be different since Mom has passed away.
Mom was the main reason for brothers to visit the house.
Now that Mom has passed away, I was doubt brothers would came.

I was quite relief it still hasn't change.

Though without 1st brother, we still having fun.

Having night meal with instant noodle.
Watched GI Joe on TV.
Having "Jagung Bakar".
Having chips, peanuts, and sodas.

Regular activities on new year's eve.

This year is really a new year for my family.
Mom isn't around anymore and we have to deal with the house all by ourselves.
A bit scared and worried, but I can only pray and do my best.
Hopefully we as a family can get through it. Amen.

Kinda feel sad too...Mom's image still coming into my mind.
Even last night I was dreaming of taking care while she's sick.
To be honest...there's regret live inside of me.

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