Thursday, January 31, 2013

(Picture) Shape of my heart.

On January 26th, 2013, Me and friends went to Curug Paradise in Sentul region (Indonesia).
Curug means waterfall.

It's been too long since I went to a waterfall.
I kept saying, "Sugoina!!!"
And taking a lot pictures of the waterfall.

But, for today, I just want to post this below picture.
The shape of my heart on the sand (X3).


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"I'm Done"

Following Bird's post...I'm quite surprised that someone like her would withdraw from the fandom scene.
I knew Bird from Anggi-chan. Both of them are big fans of Tetsuya, Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution), and ABS.

Bird has always been one of the main source about L'Arc~en~Ciel and Tetsuya. She went to the band live concerts, to Tetsuya's live concerts, even to their abroad live concert! She went to Tetsuya's birthday party and gave him ukulele which later Tetsuya shown it! It's hard to separate Bird with Tetsuya. Bird has also wrote awesome live reports. She can remember every details!! She's so amazing! As if her life is devoted for the rainbow's boys, Banana Leader, and energetic Turbo.

That's why I'm quite surprised with Bird's decision.

Even so, I'm kinda understand it too.

When I become too busy with life (read it as works), I don't have enough time to become a fan.
I don't have enough time to write reviews, share pictures, watch live streaming, etc.
I still follow the releases, but not with the same enthusiasm.

Busy with works...or...maybe I'm just growing old? (XP)  

Well, the feel will always be there.
The difference is how I express it.
I just want to enjoy my a worker, as a fan, and as a Polar Bear. (XD)

I guess, that's what Bird also want...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

(work) 63 Legenda, Cerita, Mitos, Fabel: printing.

Has just check the example of the printing result.


Hope the process goes well and also will fit for the readers.

Title of the book: 63 Legenda, Cerita, Mitos, Fabel Nusantara. 
Author: Nunik Utami.
Illustrator: Rangga Diyarto. 
Price: tba

The book consist of 63 Indonesian folklore. Clean layout and beautiful illustrations adds the features of this book. There's also interesting trivia about each provinces. 

Here's a illustration taken from one story inside the book. 

Neat, right? (^^)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Q: "Is that your shoes in the bathroom?" 
Me: "What shoes?" 
Q: "The ladies shoes,"
Me: "It's not mine. I only put umbrella . Beside, I don't wear ladies shoes,"
Q: "Ah, right. You're the one being blocked away from going inside the ladies train *laugh* You people are weird! *laugh* *pointing to co-workers*" 
Me: *laughing but inside really want to throw a katana to the man*


I objected to be called weird by a weird person!
He talked as if he isn't a weird guy.
He's also weird. But, he thinks he's normal.
That's weird, right?

I do prefer male's clothing than female's one.
I like male's T-Shirt, shoes, bags, hats, etc.
Because usually male's clothing designs aren't as complicated as female's. Male's clothing is way more simple. And the size is also big. I don't like too stretched clothes. I hardly breathe in it. The only female's clothing I have are for work and I rarely wear it (XD). Thank God, my work place isn't tight about clothing.

That's from my choice of clothing.

I also often called weird because of what I like or do is different with the rest of people.

I listen to music that I don't understand the language. I'm weird.
I like J-Rocker's artist with their unique look and style. I'm weird.
I think and act not like common people. I'm weird.
I dress differently. I'm weird.

If that so, then people that thinks I'm weird is actually weird too, right?
They can't accept "different" things that's exist in the community.
But, in the other side, they calls people who doesn't understand them as weird.
So the conclusion is...people just can't accept people who aren't the same like themselves or with common people.

That's weird.

Aren't being the same is boring?
Aren't having the same thing or doing the same things are boring?

It's normal to be different. It's not normal to be the same.

[work] Status: Printing.

The status of the book is printing.
Hope everything goes well.
I really like this comic book! (X3)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

[work] Soon... "Pangeran Diponegoro"


Since I watched Sengoku Basara, I always have this wish that my own national history can be made as fun and interesting like the Japanese anime.
I realize it's very far to become true.

History is boring.
That's why I want to make it fun to read.
And this is the first attempt.

It's still in finishing process.
But, I like it already!
The illustrations are beautiful~~
The character are also...handsome!
I fall in love with Pangeran Diponegoro and Sentot Alibasyah character (>w<)


[work] "Komik 100 Hadits Pilihan untuk Anak"

Here it is. The newest one.

Title: Komik 100 Hadits Pilihan untuk Anak
Writer: Insight Pictures
Illustration: Insight Pictures
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Size: 19x23 cm
Page: 104 (black-white)
Price: Rp. 33.000
Publisher: Anak Kita

"Hadits is the way of talk and the way of live of prophet Muhammad SAW. Within this book there are 100 hadits that has been collected by the famous narrators such as Bukhori, Muslim, and Tarmidzi. The hadits are being told with feature of a comic, so children can have fun time in reading and at the same time learning and follow the pattern of the prophet."   

You can get this book through bookstores such as Gramedia or online stores. 
Grab one for your dearest children, nephew, niece, grand children, or neighbor. :)    

Monday, January 07, 2013

About work

I guess it's time to fill this blog with serious things beside than my life as a fans.
About what? Of course about work.

I will put covers from the book I've edited.
Yes, it's for commercial purpose (:D).

But, I'm not sure should I still make the post with English?
Since, this is an English language blog...

Oh well, maybe people abroad would like to order? (hope so).
That will be great! ^O^

Friday, January 04, 2013

"The Ghost of You"

It's already one month from the passed away of Mom.
To be honest, I still can't completely forget her.
Especially her image on her last days of living.

I remember when I watched "Channel Japan" with her.
I remember I feed her with risoles in the same morning.

I can still remember very well her image sitting on the wheelchair.
I can still remember the feel and the look of her face when she's dying.

Ya Allah...
I still feel it. Deep inside I still asking it...

"Did I kill her?"

I wonder do any of my siblings still having the same feeling?

What 3rd brother's feel when he moved to Mom's room?
When we cleaned it, he said he can still smell Mom's scent.
Sister said that it felt really quiet now.
1st and 2nd brother are thinking about us (I think?)

It really feel strange without Mom around.
I feel there's no connection between us.
There's no one that unite us.

Mom was the reason for 1st and 2nd brother to visiting the house.
Now, they don't have the strong reason any longer.

Once Mom said that we will be in trouble when she's gone.
Is this it?

Been thinking and dreaming about Mom.
Even this morning, I was awaken by her inside my dream...

title - The Ghost of Ichi (Sengoku Basara OST)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year (part 2)

Happy New Year again~~
How's everyone's new year's eve?

I thought my new year's eve would be different since Mom has passed away.
Mom was the main reason for brothers to visit the house.
Now that Mom has passed away, I was doubt brothers would came.

I was quite relief it still hasn't change.

Though without 1st brother, we still having fun.

Having night meal with instant noodle.
Watched GI Joe on TV.
Having "Jagung Bakar".
Having chips, peanuts, and sodas.

Regular activities on new year's eve.

This year is really a new year for my family.
Mom isn't around anymore and we have to deal with the house all by ourselves.
A bit scared and worried, but I can only pray and do my best.
Hopefully we as a family can get through it. Amen.

Kinda feel sad too...Mom's image still coming into my mind.
Even last night I was dreaming of taking care while she's sick.
To be honest...there's regret live inside of me.