Monday, December 16, 2013

Writing: KAORU

KAORU is a short story I've wrote based on the feeling when I listen to "Created Beauty" from Versailles.
I also can imagine the PV for the song.
But on my mind, the band playing the song isn't Versailles! (XD).

Well, KAORU is another weird story. Since I made it based on my imagination for the song's PV, so the story doesn't clearly tell about who is KAORU, or the right one... "what" is KAORU.

I hope readers can enjoy this weird one.
I kinda enjoy making this kind of story though. (X3).

The story can be read here. 
The source for the lyric and translations are here. 

Enjoy and please tell me what do you think about the story. Sankyuu! (X3)

All Year Around with vistlip

To me, 2013 is really a year of vistlip. 
They have released GLOSTER at the start of the year. They have CHRONUS for the half of year, and SINGLE COLLECTION to end the year. I can only say, “SUPER AWESOME!!”.

GLOSTER is a mini album, with eight songs:
  1. Devil’s whisper (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  2. Doukou (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  3. Inbreed (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  4. GLOSTER IMAGE (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  5. Specter of Kingdom (words: tomo, composed: Yuh, Tohya)
  6. Pinocchio (words: tomo, composed: rui)
  7. Reincarnation (words: tomo, composed: Tohya)
  8. Yoru (words: tomo, composed: rui)

Monday, December 02, 2013


Today is exactly one year of my mother passing away.
I kinda feel lost.
Time really flies.

Last week had a conversation with Sister about it.

Sister: "What we're going to do with Mom's 1st year?"
Me: "Huh? Are we going to throw a party?"

Usually people would make an event to remember the deceased. Usually the family would held some kind of praying together with the neighbor and then treat them with foods. But, my family isn't doing that. The day will be spend in usual way. Like nothing has happened.

And the feeling came back. Guilt.
The memories of the day coming back.
And the word also came back. "If".

I can't say more.

It's just...losing someone close (my mother) really not an easy feeling to deal with.

I really hope my mom is happy up there.

Friday, November 01, 2013

"Sometimes when we touch"

A few days ago I was feeling sick.
I feel cold and wear my jacket even though the rain was long over.

A co-worker came.

Her: "Why do you wear jacket?"
Me: "I feel cold,"
Her: "But the weather is hot,"
Me: "Well...actually...I'm kinda feeling sick..."

She was stunned and later on show caring look. She patted my back few times.
I was kinda surprised with her doing. I didn't expect that.
Even though it was just a few times tapped in the back, but it warm my heart.

Touching and hugging are amazing. It can warm and make heart feel better.

Anyone need a hug? *arms wide open*

Thursday, October 10, 2013

4-nin KAT-TUN.

Last night, my house was on black out. 
I feel bored and decided to log on to twitter to see if there something that can cheer me. 

I get surprised. 

I read tweet from tokyohive and KAT-TUN Indonesian fan base about the departing one of the member, Tanaka Koki. 

Wait...hold on a minute...
You are listening to KAT-TUN?? 

The answer: YES.
KAT-TUN is the only group I would listen hehehe
Well, I'm just listening some of their songs. But not deeply root on them. 
Their songs were good to listen when I want to feel relaxed. 

I get really surprised with the news! What the hell happen?? 
So, with the remaining phone battery, I search the internet for further information. 
Finally I understand what has happen, the so called scandals... 
The member's message about the situation can be read here

Tanaka Koki is the second member that I like from the group. 
My first was of course Kame-chan. 
I listen to the group because I want to hear Kame's voice. (X3)

I can't imagine the group without Koki. 
I feel he's the cheerful one among them. 
I love Koki's part on Ultimate Wheels. I feel I can bring out my anger.    
Also, I don't know how they will be without Koki's rap. 
This is bizarre and in the sudden...
If I'm not mistaken, they are going to have new singles...
One is for a CM titled Bounce Girl (I like this one) and one is for Nakamaru's dorama theme. 

Somehow I don't have good feeling about this...
I do wish the best for the rest of the member. 
Hope they can get through this and keep going together as a group.   

p.s. while I was looking for the information, I found out that the leader of the group is...Ueda. I always thought Nakamaru is the leader...hehehe 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wake me up when November ends...

When I started to like Japanese music (2001), I can only dreamed to watched their live.
I even doubt the artists would consider to include Indonesia as one of their destinations.
So, when they held overseas tour, mainly America and Europe, I can only felt envy for the lucky fans.

Things started to change after 2012, with L'Arc~en~Ciel's first ever live concert in Jakarta.
Now, those artists seemed to see Indonesia as one potential country to visit.

Let me list the musicians that I knew has come to Indonesia so far.


Alice Nine
(in J-Rock Evolution)

May J
(in AFA ID 2012)



Baby Metal
T.M.Revolution (only as a guest)
(in AFA ID 2013)

GACKT (showing at Indonesian's version of Kamen Rider)

will be this November...



The last two names made me so surprised! The two are consider quite big band.
I never expect them to come this fast! Hell, I never expect it at all!
But, they will come this November.
I realize I have to be careful with every wish I have.
It would be come true in a very surprising way...

But, luckily I have make a decision from the very beginning.
That I would only watched live of the bands that I have emotionally attached, that is L'Arc~en~Ciel and vistlip. (^3^)

Well, to be honest, I would love to go to OOR and VAMPS live. But, the money stops me.
Okane ga nai...
Beside...this November I have a promise to keep. It keeps my sanity hahaha (even though the promise itself is an insanity hahaha)

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Banana's Day.

Happy birthday for tetsuya of L'Arc~en~Ciel!!

Happy birthday for the greatest L'eader!
Happy birthday for the most juicy banana!
Happy birthday for the only man suit with pink! (for me).

May you keep healthy, keep happy, keep smiling, keep geeky, keep energetic, fresh, and would soon  have cute little banana of your own. (X3)

L'eader for President!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

October 2nd, 2013.

I've been posting about works, now it's time to come back about my life hehehe

October 2nd, it's my father's 75 years old birthday~
Damn, Father is old~ *get a smacked from Heaven*

Father, hope you are happy up there. Mother is with you now, right?
Or you haven't meet her? Go find her then! *get another smacked*

I've been used to live without a father. I also never think about him.
I was doing okay with the fact that I don't have a father.
I never feel jealous with people who still have their father.
I never mourned either on his birthday or the day he passed away.

But this time it's different.

Now that Mother is also gone, I realize that I don't have a parents.
Somehow, it feels lonely.
I know I shouldn't have the feeling. I'm not a little child.
But, yeah...sometimes I wish I still have the two.

Well, happy birthday, Father.
Your daughter here is still the same.
I hope somehow you can feel proud of me.
But, I won't ever know that, right?

Happy birthday, Father. Hope you are having great times up there.
I do think of you...sometimes.
Greet Mother for me, okay?

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Editing work: "100 Komik Teladan Rasulullah".

Title: Komik 100 Teladan Rasulullah.
Author: Al Azhar Pictures.
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Publisher: anakkita.

The book consist of 100 comics about Rasulullah saw. hadits. The stories took place in children's daily life. Hopefully the children could understand each hadits implementation and would practice it in their daily life.

It's never easy to work on this kind of book, because it's about religion and it's for children's reading. It can't be too complex since children won't understand. Still, I enjoy the editing and also the stories. Hope the children would feel the same. :)

Editor in charge.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Editing work: "The Amazing of Indonesia: 71 Keajaiban Indonesia"

Title: The Amazing of Indonesia: 71 Keajaiban Indonesia yang Wajib Diketahui.
Writer: Sugeng HR.
Illustrator: msfstudio7
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Publisher: anakkita. (Jakarta, Indonesia).

The book consist explanations of places, things, arts, animals, plants, food, and uniquely culture from Indonesia. Some are also famous around the world, such as Batik and Rendang. Hopefully by the book, could make the children realize the treasures of the nation, so they would cherished and protect the national heritage.

The book's illustrations were beautiful and cute. I like it from the first glance! Some explanations were quite long. It can't be helped since it can't be cut or else it would be confusing. Hope after reading the book, the children will be feeling proud with the nation heritage. :)

Editor in charge.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Editing work: "50 Cerita Fabel Dunia"

Title: 50 Cerita Fabel Dunia. (English title: 50 fable stories from around the world.
Story teller and illustrator: Stella Ernes.
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Publisher: anakkita. (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Another story book from anakkita. This time it's fable stories from around the world. Over all there were 50 short stories with beautiful and colorful illustrations from Stella Ernes.

Children can read many interesting stories, such as the tale of the lion and the mouse, the alligator and the clever monkey, the naughty little bear, the kindness of the ant, also the tale why fishes live in the water. Eh? Aren't fish always live in the water? Well, according to the story, a long time ago, fishes live, walk, and eat on the land. So, how can they live in the water now? Get (read: buy) the book and read it by yourself hohoho...

The difficulties of editing the book, I have to change some words for children's reading. Some stories were cruel that I have to do many changes. It could took half of a day just to re-written one paragraph, not one story but just one paragraph (Orz).

Children's book isn't easy to make, but it's fun to do, especially with colorful and cute illustrations. Stella Ernes is one of my favorite children's book illustrator. I always happy working together with her.

My bad...there were two pages printed with no stories. I think I've missed it at the final checking of the book. (>.<). I feel so bad and cursed my clumsiness. My deep apologize for Stella Ernes and also the readers. (m(_ _)m)

Editor in charge.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

vistlip's SINGLE COLLECTION info release~

Yay~ Finally the information is out!

vistlip's SINGLE COLLECTION release~

Date: December 4th, 2013.

It will come with 4 types.

1. [Limited Edition] DX SHOWCASE BOX (CD + DVD) of Zepp Tokyo + Shibuya Koukaidou concert. Price: 6.930 yen.

2. [Limited Edition] -ROUGH the PACKAGE (CD + DVD): “ROUGH the vistlip”.
Price: 3, 780 yen.

3. Vister (CD + DVD). Price: 3, 780 yen.

4. Lipper (CD). Price: 3, 150 yen.

The setlist of the CD:
02.alo [n] e
03.drop note.
04.-OZONE -
10. 深海魚の夢は所詮、(shinkaigyo no yume wa shosen)
11.アーティスト (artist)

Urgh…I already have ALL the songs in CD, except for “artist”. And I want it badly! Nearly Equal has the same music, but it isn’t artist… >.<

Source: (

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The song that save my day.


Continuing from my previously post...pretty much I'm still feeling the same hehehe
I have a feeling it would be for a while and I would be here with complaints.

I was also kinda sensitive lately...feeling uncomfortable...scared...worried...hopeless...useless...lonely...
I was feeling confused. I need to talk to someone, but no name prompt out.
Listening to music also doing no good. I couldn't do one thing I like, writings. I stare at the computer screen and no idea comes out...
I feel like an outsider even though I was with friends. I don't feel fit in. I don't feel belong where I was at.

This morning was the same. I walked with head bent down. I have so many things in mind. And the feeling comes again, to have someone to hold my hand and said, "Don't worry, it will be fine."
I even almost blame God, which I quickly stopped. There's no use of it. I know it isn't right blaming to Heaven.

So I tried to hold on, with the feelings, with the thinking, and tried listening to some songs to ease down myself.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kimi, Me, and the world.

Yesterday, finally it has been confirmed that Kimi will be joining Ferrari next year.
Maybe like most of people, I felt mixed of feelings.
I'm happy that Kimi will join a strong team. A team that can take him back to the highest place.
But at the same time, I still remember the bad past experience that drove Kimi away from F1.
And the one that caused it is still there...become Kimi's team mate.

Even Sister asked has Kimi lost his mind, joining a team with the one that drove him away.
I said to her that Kimi is perfectly fine. (XD).
Kimi has said that the decision might be sound stupid for other people. but he knows what to do, he knows what he want.
Even though maybe it would be turned out a stupid decision, Kimi will always have my support. Fully. Always. Forever.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marvey D. Ozawa.

At the moment I'm being amused by this person below...

Captain Marvelous aka Gokai Red from the Super Sentai series Gokaiger. 

I know it's quite late for me to be "mukya-mukya" about the series now. It has ended a one or two year ago? As usual I was late to watched it. Well actually I didn't want to watched after I feel so satisfied with Shinkenger and thought no other series would match the samurais. And as usual... I was wrong.

But, I won't talk about the series. I want to talk about that dorky pirate captain. (XD)

Captain Marvelous was fearless, cool, baka, cocky, funny in someway, sharp mouth, caring in his own way, loves to eat and loves to eat meat. His character reminds me a lot of Monkey D. Luffy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mother x Father.

Ayu-san has said it again, "It's your first Eid without your mom, right?".
I just smile.
But, somehow it felt more depressing to hear it now, rather than during Eid Mubarak celebration.

Yeah, the first Ramadhan and the first Eid without Mother.
I was doing okay through the day. I guess gathering with my siblings have covered the feeling.
We gathered at 1st Brother's house. All of us gathered, five siblings along with wives and children.
It's a bit sad since we never did it while Mother was alive.
It was so difficult to asked 1st Brother to came on first day of Eid. Even though Mother was asking him. He seldom came.
But now, it's so easy to asked him to go anywhere, especially visiting our relatives which he never want to do.

It's odd. Sister was hoping it won't be a bad sign. I was hoping the same too.
The lost of our Mother has tighten the sibling's bond. I feel happy but also sad.

In the morning, we visited Mother's grave.
I should have done it before Ramadhan. But because of busy and lazy, I failed to do it.
Maybe that's why Mother kept coming into my a scary appearance...
Sister said it was caused because I was feeling guilt.
Yes, she was right. I was feeling guilty. I keep thinking, "If..."

I said, "I'm sorry" at Mother's grave.

Saturday, August 03, 2013


Fasting month will soon end. Next week is Idul Fitri. I took day off on Monday and Tuesday next week. It means the entire next week is holiday~~~ ^O^ *jumping*

But, thanks to the high technology...thanks to the invention of smart gadget, smartphones, etc... I will still be working... Orz
Co-workers have started the chat on facebook. What if I don't respond? What if I pretend not seen it? What if I said I couldn't connect to the internet? I shouldn't make this post here. (XD)
Oh well...gotta respond later. I've been get used with working on weekends after all.

What's been happening lately?  A recap~~

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Lately, the urge felt stronger.
I start to really think about it.

Going to Japan.
The land of the rainbow, the land of five barkin' animals, the land of my living angel, Satomi-chan.

Satomi and I had been talking intensely about Shinsengumi.
It started when she watched anime "Hakouki".
While myself have always been enchanted by the stories of the samurai: Shinsengumi, 47 Ronin, Sengoku Basara.
Both of us share the same likeness again!

Satomi was living in the same city where the leader of Shinsengumi was born.
Hijikata's childhood house was also there, along with one of his suspected grave.
(until now, no one knew the real grave of Hijikata).
Satomi's grandmother was also living near to Sanada's family house.

It's so exciting~

Satomi-chan had and will visit some of the areas.
She will be doing a "journey to the past" by visiting the historical places.
She's so kind to take pictures for me~

But, I wish I can be there too...for real!
I wanna go there and felt the sensation, the shivering of the historical air with my own body.

Satomi and I started to make plan for our historical trip.
Starting from her living area and continued to... Kyoto!
I always wanted to go to Kyoto! To taste the samurai's living.
We are so excited!
And the question is...when...?

I'm very inexperienced with going abroad. I never been abroad!
I don't have passport. I don't know how to make a visa.
I know nothing about booking airplane ticket, luggage, billing, etc.
I know nothing. (XD)

So, I'd better start to learn from now. I should start to plan the trip. Plan the time. And plan the money.
I want to see Satomi-chan in personal. I want to walk with her side by side, hand in hand. (X3)


Friday, July 19, 2013

Internet Bullying

Internet bullying is awful.

Once I thought that internet bullying was a joke.

"How can someone get affected just because of what people said on the internet?"

I was wrong. Totally.

Since I have experienced it.
But thank God, it didn't took long for me to gain my conscious back.

At that time I was quite down. Surprised. Shocked.
Just by a single action from a stranger.
I cowardly hide away.

Then I realize how stupid I was to be bother with the matter.
It's not like I've committed a sin.

I've returned with the sense that I won't ever let the same thing happen to me again.
If it happens, I will fight back.

Yesterday a friend was experienced the same thing.
Someone tweet to her saying, "Get over your crappy grammar".
My friend feel sad and said she won't be on twitter for a while.
She's an English teacher. Yet she was being told her grammar was crappy. Then what about me? (XD)
I told her to confront the person, saying like, "I know, thank you for telling me.".
I even wanted to confront the person by myself, "I'm worst than her, care to teach me? But, I don't want to learn anyway."

But.... for being a kind heart person, she does nothing.
Yet, she message me in the evening, "I was deep affected with it that I bumped my head against the wall."
I laugh. (XD).

Why awful things happen to kind people?
(Of course I wasn't saying myself. I'm not that kind.)

And how to avoid internet bullying?

Maybe like Kimi's way?

"I don't use facebook. If I could throw away my phone I would probably do it. It's always on silent and I don't like when it rings and people are calling. We could live without those things in the past when we just had a phone on the street somewhere, on the corner or at the house. I have no interest in telling all the people what I do every day and where I am. I want to do my stuff privately with my friends or family and that's it."

The words in italic...slapped me hard... (TwT).

Thursday, July 11, 2013




Even though he's laughing...


No matter people said that he was okay and looking cheerful, I'm still worried. 
Has my Tanabata wishes become a cursed for him... TwT 
Maybe I shouldn't spread the wishes...
umi...get better soon... *sobs* 

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Big Three (^w^)

Yay~~ I finally get to the "big three"~~
What is it? It's my age this year. (XD)
I seldom told people about my age. I usually said I was 23 years old.

"But, you're 23 last year?"
"And this year also 23?"
"Yes. I'm forever 23~"


Even nephew and niece almost fought each other because of the age. Nephew believed when I said I was 23 and almost fought with niece who told him my real age. I'm a bad auntie~
I never clearly said my age. I only said my birth year hehehe

Anyway, I'm grateful for all the happiness and blessing that Allah has given me.
It's amazing to be in the big three. Just like last year, I didn't feel it at all. Even though big sister kept saying I have to act as my age, but I always act the same age like my oldest nephew even younger. (XD)
But I know I have to act and think more mature than I have been. I must! Ganbarimasu!

As for birthday present, I get special things~~

First was from a friend on twitter. She mentioned to umi about my birthday. Of course umi didn't respond. But, her affection made me smile. Arigatou~~

Second was from Gin-chan. She made me round and round to get a surprising birthday present. If anyone would like to know just type the address and follow the direction >> (^^). 

Third was from big sister. She gave me chocolate. Even though I actually don't like chocolate. (XD). It was the first time ever for her to give me birthday present ever since she got married. 

And the last one was from my living angel, Satomi-chan. She send me words that made me almost in tears. Her words were so beautiful and powerful that made me loved myself. She is a living angel. My angel.  

Thank you to my friends that have celebrate my birthday. You are one of my treasures that I will forever cherish. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tour at Istana Bogor.

Last weekend, me and friends were going to a tour at Istana Bogor.
Well, it's not exactly a tour. More like an open house.
To celebrate the city's birthday, one of the famous city landmark was open for public, that is Istana Bogor.
And it was free of charge. It was also my first time coming to the open house.

Our scheduled was on 11 am.
We gathered at the city hall where the officer would took us inside the Istana's area.
It was crowded! We were forbidden to bring our bag inside, and had to leave it behind.
I had TABOO and my favorite book, so I insisted to carried a small pocket bag.
I wouldn't dare to left it and lost it...

Continue with the open house...
The Istana's officer and policeman lead us the way to the Istana.
There we had to pass through metal detector. They asked us to hand our cell phone before get to the metal detector. .
I don't get it why they do that because they only take it and give it back after we got out from the detector. Maybe the cell phone might get ruined if we carried it through the device?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

umi at WHY BLUE? 2013 event (part 2).

Finally the organization shares report and pictures of the event~~
I know that I watched the event because of umi.
So let me share the links of the event reports.
Here are some of the links:

UNHCR Japan Home Page

Japan Times


mentor diamond (1)

mentor-diamond (2)

J-FUN Youth

And here's umi's pictures at the event~

Just realized that umi wore...sandals!! 
umi, you are really something!! (XD). 

The video of the event can be watched at STARTLINELIVE youtube channel. 
(I don't understand why I can't attached the link here...). 

*) all the links and pictures are belong to WHY BLUE? and J-FUN Youth. 
please informed me if I should put down the whole thing. 

Work: Last Week activities.

Want to share my last week activities at office.

First one was a video shooting. The model for the video was the book author.
While I was only watching and took pictures from the side. (XD)

Second one was doing final check for the second edition of the baby menu book. 
I'm happy the book is well accepted. :) 
Anyway, I just realized that Sister sometimes made me one of the food from the book, "Nugget Tahu". 
Am I a baby? (XD)

That's my last week activities~ 

Sorry, I don't understand why I couldn't make the pictures into portrait position.  
Stupid smartphone... *blaming on the gadget* 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wonderful World~

This is my love song
Wonderful World from TETSU69


me to me ga atta shunkan boku no kokoro no naka ni nemuru
tooi mukashi ni oitekita koigokoro ga hajikete
nanda ka fushigi na kurai jibun ga jibun ja nai mitai
miru mono subete ga kagayaki sora mo toberu ki ga shita

kumori GARASU no mukou gawa ni nani ga aru to iu no
hikaru afureru kono hiroi sora no shita de ima futari kaze ni nattanda ne

ikura kangaete mo kotae nante nai sa
kimi ga iru boku ga iru tada sore dake de ii
ashita no koto nante dare ni mo wakaranai
kami-sama ga boku-tachi ni kureta deai nante suteki nandarou

natsu no hizashi ni sasoware massugu umi made tsuzuku michi
kimi no futari kaze ni fukare yoku itta ne ano basho

suna ni kaita MESSEEJI nami ni sarawarete shimau Can You feel it in your heart?

kaze ni yureteru kimi no nagai kami ni kokoro tokete
kimi no egao wo miru tabi ni dandan yuuki ga waitekuru sonna ki ga shita

ikura kangaete mo kotae nante nai sa
kimi ga iru boku ga iru tada soredake de ii
ashita no koto nante dare ni mo wakaranai
kami-sama ga boku-tachi ni kureta deai nante suteki nandarou
kono hiroi sekai de kimi to meguriaeta
fushigi da ne yume naraba kono mama samenaide
kowagaru koto nai sa kitto umaku iku sa
kono mama ja owaranai subarashii sekai ga matterun darou


Friday, June 21, 2013

umi at WHYBLUE?2013 June 20th event.

I thought I couldn't watched it. I did watched it. Thank God!! (XD).

umi's appearances at WHYBLUE?2013 June 20th event. 

Short explanations.
June 20th was a Refugee Day. And WHYBLUE was an event made to celebrate the day also to brought the awareness about refugee, especially from the youngsters.

Well, my real and strong reason to put attention to the event was because of umi involved in it. (:D).
I saw umi retweet the account, I get curious and stalk the account.
I found out that umi would "do a stage" at the event. I suspect that umi would be a model again! I must see it!!!
Surprising progress came when WHYBLUE share video link to watched the!
It made me standing by in front of my computer since morning. (XD)

The event was started at 6pm (JST). It was 4pm (Jakarta Standard Time).
It was started with an introduction by the two MC.
Then one officer from UNHCR gave his speech in English. He appreciated the Japanese youngsters attention for the event. He's pleased that they were aware about the refugee issues. Then he talked more about what is refugee and why people should put more concerned about them. During the speech, there was someone doing the Japanese translations, but kinda didn't went well (XD). The translator was a bit confused and slow with his work.

UNHCR Officer: "You should learn more about Japanese language," *laugh*
Translator: "I'm sorry, it's a bit difficult (to do the translation)"

UNHCR Officer: "I forget to asked from what college you are,"
Translator : "I'm high school student,"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The "Replacement"

This is a never ending discussion.
Everyone can have their own opinion. And so do I.
I just wanted to write what I feel.

The subject was arise from  yesterday. I had a tweet chat with one of Sugizo's fan. We're talking about why some X Japan's fans still disliking Sugizo. Even when I watched X Japan's video on youtube, I often found comments saying that he/she doesn't like Sugizo. That Sugizo will never replaced the greatness of hide. I've read some comments that came to feel of insulting Sugizo.

I knew that Sugizo would face "hard times" when he joined X Japan. People would always compared him with hide.
But they were two different person. No need to response to saying, "Sugizo's play can't matched hide". He can't. Not because Sugizo doesn't have the ability, but because Sugizo isn't hide. Of course their ability were different, they are two different person!

Then again, it's no use to keep debating the matter.
Sugizo isn't really "replacing" hide in the band. Sugizo is the new member, and not replacing anyone. Can't people understand that?

The same situation goes for Masashi with Versailles.
At the first time joining the band, people have doubt in him. They don't want Masashi to replaced Jasmine You. He isn't. He's a new member. Kamijo has clearly stated that. Jasmine You is the eternal member, and Masashi is the new member. Can't understand the meaning either?

What make me giggled was Angelo's case.
From the beginning of the band, it was a three member band: Kirito, Kohta, and Takeo. They were helped by a supporting guitarist. Then came two new members, Karyu and Giru. But somehow some people forget the history and think the opposite way. Saying things as if the three early member were the newest members... I giggled but also feel a bit annoyed.

Replacement or not, I think they deserved a chance.

To be honest, I started to really listen to X Japan because of Sugizo's there.
I listened to Versailles after Jasmine You passed away and the Masashi joined.
I listened to Angelo before it became 5 member band. I was a bit doubt with the coming of Karyu and Giru, but I gave them the chance. And I admit now that their sound has been greater.

Just give the "replacements" a chance before you gave protest, okay?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Okaasan.

Sakura: "... Do you hate our parents?" 

Riki: "I feel angry, upset, and disappointed. But, I don't hate them." 

(Kazoku Dakara). 


Sometimes, the story I've wrote reflected my own feeling.
The above conversations were taken from one of my on going story.

Even though sometimes I feel tired, fed up, upset, angry, and disappointed, but I don't think I hate my mother.
She might not the best mother in the world. But there were times when she stood by me.

It's sad that I'm deeply thinking about Mother now, when she has passed away.  
Sometimes I wished I had been nicer to her. No matter the pain I felt inside. I should have been nicer to her.
Regret always came late.

Today is Mother's birthday.
Usually we would have her favorite food: Kentucky Fried Chicken. (XD)
The family would ate together. It's our annual celebration for Mother's birthday.
This year, there will be no celebration.
Sister said, "Do we have to bring KFC to her grave?"

Happy birthday, Okaasan.
Hope you're having sweet dream up there.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lousy Stomach

This post will be kinda gross...

Stomach ache or digestive problems has always been my regularly illness. Either I had constipation or diarrhea.

I always had my daily "morning routine". But for the last couple of days, I couldn't do it. I took medicine after 2 days. It worked for a while before I get constipation again.
So I took another medicine. This time it's my ultimate medicine when I had constipation. But, for the first time, I didn't get it out in the morning.

"Fudge," I said.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I know I shouldn't be doing this.
I have WORKS to be done.
But my eyes feel heavy and "thick". I really don't know how to describe it.
Well if I can I would like to put off my eyes, put ii in a bowl, pour water, and let it refreshed~

I'm like this because I'm doing two different things on the same time for the whole time.
Correction. Not two, cetera....
Simple kind of things that actually took times to do it.

It's deadline period.
And next week I will be attending 2 days of training. That mean off work.
Had a wedding invitation too.
Haven't made the fan project (which the deadline is this week).
Must look for freelance work.
Haven't watched the anime I've downloaded.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

How are people doing?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crazy about Kimi

On Sunday, I found the advertisement on local newspaper:

And on Monday's evening, I found the product:

I wish I can also found the man... :) 

Monday, May 20, 2013

anakkita's April 2013 book

It's very late to made the post. Hectic at work :D
Anyway, here they are~

anakkita's April 2013 book!

"125 Cerita & Fakta Islam yang Unik & Menakjubkan"

"Dasar-dasar Berhitung untuk TK"

I apologize I couldn't include the descriptions for each book. I don't have the time at the moment (:D). 
But, the complete information can be found on the website

Enjoy~~ and...thanks! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

[lyric] Love Song - Luna Sea (just English Translation)

I'm not alone, still lost...I can't believe it
Until I knew you,
I couldn't even see my own self
Walking alone without seeing
the dazzling light all around me
Touching everything was so very frightening

I miss you I can still remember
I love you Your eyes

Until I met you, I somehow believed
That life was nothing but blood and fighting
Even though we hurt each other,
I loved you so much during our journey
I still want to hold on to a dream
that will never end

I miss you Someday
That wound
I love you Will heal

So, I love you
Love Song Together
I'll never let you go

I want to believe that I'm not alone
even though we're far apart
And when I miss you,
I'll hold this song close...

I miss you Someday
We'll have
I love you That dream again

So, I want to tell you
Love Song Together
I wanted to be with you
I love you
Love Song Together
I'll never forget you or this love

Love Together

(from Luna Sea Complete Best booklet)


I forget how it was started.
Had a short chat with nephew during our brunch.

Me: "Then are you tired of living?" 
Nephew: "Yes," 

What's going on here?

I might have passed something.
Something I didn't knew that has made nephew depressed and tired with his life.
And he's just 15 years old.
What could made him tired?

School? Girls? Growing up without a father? Annoying aunt? (aka me).

Well the school these days were truly hard. The students carried heavy burdens.
It's so mush different with my times when school was just a place to spend the morning time. (XD)

Nephew had a crush at school. But their relationship has just gone as far as sending short messages. *pats nephew*

The situation wasn't quite the same, but I also grew up without a father. And I could manage it quite well. Nephew's condition was far more better than mine. His daddy's friends were willing to help out. While my mother was left alone...

And even though I was quite annoying, love to teased nephew, and sometimes rude, but I do care for him. He just doesn't have to know it.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mukimpo-kun is back!!

Yesterday was a public holiday in Indonesia.
I went out with my two friends: Mia and Fitri.
Our main purpose was to try various kinds of food~~

Our first stop was, "Sop Buntut" at Air Mancur, Warung Jambu, Bogor.
Since I wasn't a good food tester so I score the food as "nothing special" (XD)
The service was quick though. We didn't have to wait long for our order to arrived.
But the price was bill was Rp. 41.000 for one portion of "Sop Buntut", a plate of rice, sweet iced tea, and "emping".

(Fitri got 2000 rupiahs for her sower iced tea. So the sugar on my order was cost 2000 rupiahs...)

From Warung Jambu, we walked to our second stop, "es sekoteng" at Sawojajar Street.
Since the place was crowded, we decide to wait inside nearby mall.
And there I found... MUKIMPO-KUN!!!!
It's a miracle! I felt as if I really have him back... (XP)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

"As if in a dream"

May 2nd, 2012.
A year ago.
One of my lifetime dreams have become true.


To be honest, I couldn't recall the correct order of the event.
I have lost my memories of the day
But, my heart has kept the record of the feeling.
It beats faster every time I tried to remember, and a wide smile would then came to my face.

I couldn't make a post about that super awesome day.
I might be crying hard, just like when the live was over.

Me crying?


Monday, May 06, 2013

Sayounara, my friend.

Today, exactly at 03.15 in the morning.
A friend has passed away.
She has been fighting against breast cancer for about 3 years.
She left behind a husband and two cute children, a boy and a girl.

The last time I met her was about a month ago.
She had taken a long rest from office.
She has been a strong person.
She was still smiling and looked calm when talking about the disease.
But that day...she finally cried.

I know it's a tough fight.
Her cancer has reached stadium 4.
I can't imagine living with the pain and also the fear...
She has fought well.

Sayounara, my friend.
Rest in peace.
Your battle is over. Now rest well.
May Allah SWT give you the best place in Heaven. Amin.

Friday, May 03, 2013

"May I?"

Friend: "I'm bored going home with bus...I'm bored of eating, bored of working..."

Me: "You aren't bored of living, right?"

Friend: (still for a moment) "Yes,"

Me: (laughing but for the truth I wanted to say, "Then die.")

May I said it?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

[manga] D.Gray-Man release in Indonesia!

WASSHOI! The moment I have been waiting has finally come true! The release of D.Gray-Man’s manga in Indonesia! The series was being release by m&c!

Actually I was hesitant the series would be release, since the theme was kind of “hard to understand”: the fight between Black Order and Noah, the story of the Noah, etc, and there were some cruel scenes (when the Akuma took the human body and when the exorcist was being “slaughtered”).

I immediately fell in love with the series after I read its anime’s article. Ryu-chan was very kind to help me get all the episodes. I didn’t know that it also has a manga series. Correction, it started as manga series and then made as an anime (I wonder why this popular series didn’t have a movie). I’ve read the chapters online, but I always wanted to have the manga’s form. Then I bought the unofficial manga. I have it until three volumes. I couldn’t find more on the clearance book store. Years from there, having read the series online, then came the news that one of the comic publishers would officially release it. I was so freaking happy! Finally I get the chance to have it in real manga book form! Thank you m&c!!!! Finally I can read about Allen, Kanda, and Lavi!! (Lenalee: “Oi…”)

Well, there were some oddness with the Indonesian version. For example, the way they cut the words using (-). I found some that made me uncomfortable in reading it. There’s also one dialogue that made me giggled, when Allen confronted The Earl in the graveyard (chapter The 3rd Night: Pentacle),

Allen: “Aku pernah mengubah orang kesayanganku menjadi akuma.”

“Kesayanganku?”, maybe they translated the word from “my beloved one”, but it’s odd to read. It should have been “orang yang kusayangi.” Then again, it didn’t ruin my fun reading it.  

The Japanese series has gone so far; maybe it almost reached the end of the long story. I hope the Indonesian one would also fast catching up with the original series. Though I’ve known the story, but it was worth to read over and over again. I hope it could be release every week! (XD) and I seriously hope Hoshino-sensei would finally end this series…I feel sorry for Allen who get hurt ALL THE TIME, especially his heart. Allen has protected the human, but they thought he’s one of the Noah. If Allen’s heart finally gave up, he would be going to the Noah for sure! Strangely, I don’t hate the Noah; instead I hate Black Order who has made the exorcist suffer! If I had that kind of thinking, then Allen would also have the same thinking … That’s my own perception, it’s another story to tell. (X3)  

Hoshino-sensei, please be quick with the story!

m&c!, please be quick with the release! And thank you for officially release D.Gray-Man!! (^O^)  


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stupid Act.

Laptop is a mini computer that you can use on top of your lap.
But you aren't recommend to do so.
The heat from below part of the laptop would slowly burned your upper skin and would result red marks.

Anyway... I guess that rule was meant for any kind of device...

Last night, after I had done some preparations for today's meeting, I played a game on TABOO (my tab).
I was lying down and held it on my chest.
Minutes later, I started to felt ache on my's aching and I can't breathe...

"Is this a sign of heart attack?"

I soon realize that the ache might caused because of keeping TABOO on my chest.
I quickly put it down, but the ache didn't go away.
I spray a kind of warm oil ("minyak angin" in Indonesian), it felt a bit better, but still aching.
I can't sleep for about half of hours, thinking that I would die because of keeping a hot tab on my chest...

The ache disappeared in the morning, though I still feel hardly to do deep breath.
Stupid act...
People, don't ever tried it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4th Round: Bahrain

The 4th round of 2013 Formula One season. Bahrain.
Kimi manage to finished in second place despite of having allergic reaction before the start of the race.
No wonder he was looking sleepy while he's on the podium.

Somehow I feel Kimi has been quite "tricky". Once he got food poisoning and now allergic. Though Mark said Kimi would had it about 3-4 times a year...Hope he will be doing okay.

Believe it or not...
Couple of days before the race, I had a dream about Kimi.
I was reading a headline on the newspaper, telling that Kimi finished in P2.
(I clearly remember "P2" written in it).
Usually, every time I had a dream about Kimi, it will be the opposite in the reality.
So, dreaming of him winning will be the opposite of it.

"Damn." I said.

I tried to act as cool and calm as I can be. Trying not to feel excited with the upcoming race. Trying not to cheer on Kimi until the race ended. I'm a jinx for him (:D).

But, thank God my dream has become true. Thank God it didn't became a nightmare. Feuh~~

Congratulation for the result, Kimi.
Thank you for your never ending hard work.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Picture Blogging: >/////<

Nephew: "Is that an ice cream?"

Me: "Yes, it is." *blushing* 

Nephew: "What kind of ice cream? Is it delicious? It looked delicious."

Me: " is..." *blushing* 

Friday, April 05, 2013

Picture Blogging: Satsuki with violin.

Satsuki with violin....

Different feeling with SUGIZO when he's with violin..
But still...


Love it!!

Satsuki said he played violin and piano in his 1st album, LUMINOUS.
On April 17th, Satsuki will be releasing his PV collection DVD with title MOULIN ROUGE.
The DVD will consist his solo works PV from Awake until LUMINOUS.
Today he upload a picture of the DVD jacket. So lovely~~ Here's the back of the DVD.
He's playing piano for INSIDE and there's a PV for the song. I want to see him playing piano and violin~~

But, I can't get the DVD. No money....
I'm saving for vistlip's album in July (^w^).

Best wishes for Sacchan~~

[Book] anak kita March 2013 book.

anak kita March 2013 book.

Title: Dongeng & Fabel Dunia Populer.
Compilator: Dian Kristiani.
Illustrator: Innerchild Studio.
Editor: Juliagar R. N. 
Language: Bahasa Indonesia.
Genre: Children Book. 
Price: Rp. 58.000. 
Publisher: anak kita

The title in English is "The world's popular fairy tales and fables".
The book consist of 12 popular fairy tales and fables, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Three Little Pigs, Ugly Duckling, The tale of Mouse and Lion, etc.
The stories was retold by Dian Kristiani with simple and easy words for little children to read.
This book is suitable for children who have started to read.
The stories are short and some used rhyme words, which make it fun to read along with beautiful colorful illustrations by Innerchild Studio.
Let's get inside to the beautiful and charming world of fairy tales!

Editor's Story: 

I always feel fun to edited story book, like fairy tales or fables. It's exciting! I like reading fairy tales~
Even so I still find difficulties in selecting stories and words that suitable for children's mind. I had to change some scenes in the stories, such as the scene when charming prince kissed Sleeping Beauty to waken her up, the same goes for Snow White; I've also change the scene when prince tricked Rapunzel to get inside her captivated tower, etc. Will the children notice it? Wondering about their reaction (^^). The reason why I changed the scenes was to avoid inappropriate scenes for children, like kissing. Well they would known about it when they grew older, why spoil the fun at early age? (XP). Beside of that, I also want to bring happy and fun feeling when Children reads the book. The illustrations will complete the work.


Title: 132 Jawaban Dokter untuk Perawatan & Perkembangan Bayi (0-12 bulan).
Writer: dr. Fransiska Sri Susanti Sp.A.
Editor: Juliagar R. N. 
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Genre: Parenting Book.
Price: tba
Publisher: anak kita

The book consist of 132 questions and answers about growing up baby from the day its born until its get to 12 years old. There's also explanations of baby related things, such as bilirubin, myths around baby born, baby's sickness, food, first walk, baby growing's chart , etc. It's a suitable book for woman who has just becoming a mother.

Editor's Story: 

Editing a book like this is always feel exciting yet confusing (XD). I get so many information about babies that I haven't known before. This book was made through an interview process with the doctor, because her schedule was very tight to write a book. In short, I interview the doctor then compile it to become a book. It's quite tiring to listen the recording again and again, every day. This book was also late in production because I seem couldn't get what I want to come up from the book. I always feel lacking in some parts. In the end, I feel glad the book was finally finished :)
The fun thing about working the book was going to new place I haven't gone before, getting new information, and meeting new people. It's tiring but I also feel satisfied. Hope the book will bring happiness to people reading it. Enjoy~~~        

Thursday, April 04, 2013

New band: JUPITER.

I guess everybody has already know about it.

There's a new band called JUPITER.
The member of the band are: Hizaki (guitar), Teru (guitar), Yuki (drums), Masashi (bass), and Zin (vokal).
They will release their single on this summer.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday Smile.

I've seen umi tweeting it.
I've seen Regina-chan also tweeting about it.
But, I seen it by today...

umi and kei (baroque) interview and pictures on barks.



Sadly...I don't understand the interview...

But, I get my Monday booster!
A picture of umi's smile! (>w<)


It's rare to see him smiling. He always put his scary look.
He has nice smile~ I wish he would smile more~

Here's the rest of my Monday booster.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Second Round: Malaysian GP.

Second round of 2013 Formula One season: Sepang, Malaysia.
Kimi started the race from 10th and finished in 7th position.
Actually, Kimi got P7 on the qualification, but he gets three grid penalty for blocking Rosberg during the session.
Start the race from 10 position + the rain might be coming down during the race = will be tough race.

It was. (:D)

A tough race indeed. Kimi had up and down positions, slow pit stops, tricky situation with Huckenberg, sliding, and difficult overtaking. Still with those situations, Kimi managed to get some points and finished in 7th. Ah~ also helped by some drivers getting out during the race (X3). Even I who watched it from TV could feel it's a tough race.

Hilarious moment happened on the race, when Hamilton mistaken coming into Mclaren's pit garage. I really laugh hard! How could that happen? Ouch, it might feel hurt for his current team, Mercedes hehehe

There were also controversy on the race, between Webber - Vettel and Hamilton - Rosberg. Similar situations but with different result.

Webber was leading the race when team mate, Vettel, overtook him. Webber got upset because earlier on the team has gave order for both drivers to turn off their machine and drove safely to the finish. Vettel disobeyed and took leading position from Webber. Vettel won the race and Webber got grumpy.

Rosberg was faster than Hamilton and said he can overtook Hamilton. But, the team doesn't approve since Hamilton was saving fuel and Rosberg obey the order. After the race, Hamilton hug Rosberg and said to the media that Rosberg should have been there on the podium.

People then divided into two. Some support Webber and said Vettel action was unreasonable. Some said Vettel doing great job as a driver. Respect was also given to Hamilton for his words for Rosberg.

From my point of view...what Vettel had done was tricky. I understand if he wanted to win the race, he's the third times world champion and have big desire to win every single race (a world champion's pride thing?). But, what's the used if instead of winning, he crashed on Webber? No points for both of them and also for the team. No wonder Webber gets upset.

Hope the team mate relationship will be better soon. Don't want the two to crash each other on the race like the other previously cases (XP).

Ah~ the next race will on China in April. Three weeks from now (>.<). It's still long...I will be missing Kimi~

Kimi: "Maybe you shouldn't watch my race"
Me: "Eh? WHY???"
Kimi: "I never get good result when you watch me racing. You're a jinx for me"
Me: *grins*
Kimi: "I'm serious"
Me: *cries*
Kimi: "I'll record the race...with special footage from me *kiss*"
Me: *faints*

Real Kimi: "What the hell...."

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Today. The weather is HOT!
Not only today. The weather has been extremely hot since few days ago.
Usually it's a sign for heavy rain in the evening. But, no~~ no heavy rain.
Only light rain that makes the weather becomes hotter.
For a Polar Bear, hot weather is annoying~ (>.<)

Today. Second times meeting with Shachou.
It goes well. Yokatta~
It seems positive for now. Getting new ideas.
Shachou's critics are indeed quite sharp to the heart.
But, I tried to see it for positive reasons.
I will try to follow his way of mind. He's a clever man indeed.

Today. For the second times in a row, I was having duck fried for lunch.
Forgive me dear body, be strong my dear hurt.
Promise won't eat any meat for a while.
Don't want to get difficult to breathe or feeling ache on my chest.
Had enough with the times having it... (then you should stop eating too much!).

Today. Still feeling disappointed, worried, and scared.
I don't know how to deal with those feelings.
I admit that I'm faking. I'm faking to be strong, that I don't have any slightest worry on my mind, that I believe everything will go fine, that I can get through it all. I'm just faking. (:D).

Today. That's all for today.
Hope tomorrow will be a better and brighter day :)

Have a nice day people~

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kowa-kun's finish~~

I name him... Kowa-kun.

Thank you to Mia-chan for making the bigger version.
I can't hardly put him out and  be dusty.
I will put him inside my treasure box.

Arigatou, Mia-chan~

Welcome to the family, Kowa-kun!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Transferring stories to Wattpad


For you who reads the stories I'v posted on KiRaidesu no Productions, I will transfer the stories to my Wattpad account. I will then continue to post there.

I've also posted the first chapter of Bond of Brothers: series of vistlip's fan fiction there.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

"Sell My Soul"

I want to scream.
I want to cry.


I also feel scared and worried.
Need to get it out from inside of me.


I'm stressed...

Friday, March 01, 2013

(picture) 2013 Rainbow

When L'Arc~en~Ciel Facebook page made a post this morning, I didn't notice the changing of their profile picture. I thought something was changing and when I click it...

Borrowing Yo's expression...

Mukya~ Mukya~ 

This is the new look of the rainbow aka L'Arc~en~Ciel!!

The new look has successfully made me astonish! Gosh!! 

Dodo-chan~~ Do you have to be seductive like that? Beautiful and seductive! *pats L'eader*

Ken-chan~~ You sexy old man~

Yukkie~~ Why do you hide at the back? Come forward and look straight to the front! *drag*

L'eader.. Your stare...the stare of a leader....the stare of a boss....I will obey you!! 

The meaning of L'eader's stare for me: 

"Don't do anything unnecessary. Don't spend too much money. Don't shop crazily if it isn't for me and the boys, understand?"


I understand L'eader! I will obey you fully!! 

My dearest and lovely rainbow~ I miss you all so damn much!! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Books for February 2013.

The newest book from anak kita. (^^)

"Kumpulan Fabel Islami"

"Kumpulan Resep MPASI Harian untuk Bayi 6-24 bulan"


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bond of Brothers: vistlip's fan fiction series.

After the sudden death of their parents, the five brothers, umi, Yuh, rui, tomo, and Tohya have start to live on their own.

umi, the first son, as responsible as a father and as caring as a mother. His daily activities are doing house works, cleaning, washing, cooking, and making sure that his brothers get everything they need. He's also working as a professional designer from home. He cares pretty much for his brothers, but since they always being noisy and causing troubles, harsh words sometimes comes out from him.

Yuh, the second son, a cheerful and easy going personality, second year in college and also working as a freelance model. Yuh has the ability to feel other's feeling just by looking, especially with his brothers. He understands every one of them. He does freelance model to pay his own college and help umi in supporting the family.

rui, the third son, quiet, mysterious, often day dreaming, and the most stubborn among the brothers. rui cares deep for his brothers, especially umi. He's in second year of Senior High.

Tohya, the fourth son, cheerful, easy going, light, and love goofing around. He's the clown in the family. But he hides a deep pain for the lost of their parents and scared to lose his brothers. When he's like that, he will be just like a little child. He's in second year of Junior High.

tomo, the fifth and the last son, perfect partner in crime with Tohya. Cheerful and have a strong power. He respects umi the most. He's in first year of Junior High. He and Tohya goes to the same school. And the two also in the same line of school with rui.


The story is only a fan fiction. There's no real event within the stories.
Will be posting it soon on my wattpad page. Hope readers will like it (^^).

Ah...also a warning...since my bias is he would be having BIG portion within the stories hehehe

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

(pictute) A cute little step: Kimi.

Today Kimi will be having a test in Barcelona.
Hope everything will goes well for him and the team.
Hopefully his car could finally help him to be at the highest place, where he deserves to be.

"A cute little step" 
Very true.... (X3)

Wonder how Kimi would react if he sees it... (XD)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Radio Talk.

Finally... I can experienced my first ever radio talk! Ureshiiiiiii!!!

So, on last Sunday, I was assigned to accompanied the author of "63 Legenda - Cerita - Mitos - Fabel Nusantara" for a radio talk on channel 103.4 DFM Jakarta.

Actually I almost didn't come since the schedule was on Sunday afternoon, and I was feeling very lazy to go. I also din't know where the radio station location and was worried I won't arrived on time.

But, Heaven helps me.

I manage to arrived an half of hour early from the schedule. So I wait for the author at the station.

The talk started at 4 pm and I was stunned when the DJ said that she would asked questions for me to answer, since I was the copy editor of the book. I was acting cool but was so nervous that make my shake when I talk (XD).

Feuh...I finally experienced what umi and other Japanese rock artists have done...a radio talk.
I just hope I gave a fine answer and didn't screw it up.

After the show ended, the DJ, Bianca-san said that the recording of the talk show would be send later to me.
Don't be trouble, Bianca-san. Actually I don't want to listen to the recording. I'm embarrassed!! (>.<).

Then again, this is the parts what I love about my job: meeting new people, getting new knowledge, going to new places, experience new things.
I surely glad I've made it to come. Otherwise I would feel sorry (and I couldn't answer Megane-kun when he asked about the show this morning).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

After nephew's parents meeting.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to nephew's parents meeting. I was there on behalf of his mother (my sister) who couldn't came because of work. I was very lazy to go~ But I don't have any choice than to go...

The parent's meeting was scheduled for 9 am. I was late. I arrived at 9.30 am. And as expected from Indonesian people...the meeting hasn't started. It started at 10 am. Luckily I did came late, huh?

The meeting was to discuss three things: the national final test, the student's motivation for study, and the prom.

The vice principals took turns in explaining the first and second, as I looked at the meeting material on the paper I've received from the front desk.'s indeed though for students nowadays. So many tests! The  graduation requirements score is also confusing and quite hard...I can understand if the students get stressed with it. But somehow I have this little confidence that nephew can make it. I hope so :)

The last material on the meeting was about the prom. I already wondering...since when parents handling the student's prom? As far as I know, during school day...prom was designed by and for the students. Parents never involved in it. It feels strange and yet funny at the same time to see those parents busy thinking what kind of prom for the students. I soon realize that the whole thing was merely a...crap.

The teachers give the matter to be discuss by the prom's committee which consists representations of the parents. The committee introduce themselves and their job desk. Then the crap started...