Wednesday, December 19, 2012

JpopAsia Music Awards 2012 - my vote

JpopAsia has make their 2012 music awards. Time to vote is until December 24th, 2012.
But, I can only vote once for one day and for one category.
I can't vote for all category at once?
I've vote for Favorite artist/band and New artist/band 2012.
Hope I still have enough time to vote for the rest.
Doubt it though.

Anyway... If I manage to vote all, this is my vote and the reason.

Favorite artist/band: L'Arc~en~Ciel. 
First love never fails. That's the one and only obvious answer for my vote.

Best solo: Hyde.
Though he's rather doing duo and a group of his fan boy *smacked*

Best rocking pv 2012: Angelo - Moment. 
I think it's the one and only video from Angelo that isn't dark and gloomy (XD). Kirito wears white cloth and the band were surround by lights. So very clear to see all the member~~

Best single: SID - S.
It has different sound with their other singles. It feels like they are doing indie's time.

Best album 2012: Acid Black Cherry - 2012.
Not only the songs, the music, but also the design and the concept of the album. Nyasu (Anggi-chan's way of calling) has made it to connect with the end of the world in December 2012. A very thoughtful way by him. That's why I choose it as the best album of 2012.

Best rockband: vistlip.
They manage to keep their true sound in whatever music they've played. That's awesome!

Best rock act: vistlip.
What can I say? They are goofy people (that is not a reason!).

Most promising artist/band: vistlip.
No need to ask. I can see bright future coming to them. Hopefully they manage to be in it.

Best musical ability (voice, instruments, etc): Hyde.
Need to ask? He has it all: the voice, capability to play instruments, the looks. *ups*

Best use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.): Yoshiki. 
Yoshiki not only use social media to promote about X Japan and another of his works. But, he's also using it to inform about his life and to get contact with the fans.

But, actually there's one name that I really want to vote for this category, Tomo Asaha. That man is very very nice!

What make me giggles is there's Kirito's name. Really? He has leave twitter. Why they put in his name? (XD)

New artist/rock band 2012: Halloween Junky Orchestra.
They have made this year Halloween so cheerful and fun! See you on next year Halloween! *err*

Sexiest rocker: Kiyoharu. 
There's Tetsuya's name on the list. Seriously... *laugh and hitting desk* There's no way Banana Leader is sexy. He's juicy! (X3)

Hyde isn't sexy. He's cute (X3).
Sugizo, he's only sexy when he plays violin (XD)
Kirito? He's not sexy! He's scary!! (XD).

So my vote goes to...Kiyoharu!
Though years passes, I would still vote for him. That old man sexiness can come out only by standing still! No wonder Hayakawa sensei keep have bleeding nose every time she's looking at him.

That's my vote! (If I can do it all).

One thing that surprised me is to find Satsuki's name on J-Pop category....what the... (XDD)
He's the only one that I vote from that category (X3)

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Let's vote!! ^O^

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