Monday, December 10, 2012

Heaven's Door.

Be very careful with what your wishing.
Because Heaven would hear you and make the wish become true in a very odd way.

I once wish that I could have more times to rest.
I was feeling damn tired.
With the life, the works, the people.
Look what I get?

Mom passed away.

It's not the first time happening.

Once I asked for some signs to help me decide either I would go watch Luna Sea's concert in Singapore or not.
In the sudden, Mom got sick.
There's no way I could have fun in a concert when Mom was sick.
Bros and Sister would scold me. Mom would also cursed me.
It's not a decent thing to do :D

So just be careful with what you are wishing for. You won't ever know what you would get.
It's fine if you get a fortune. But if not?
Just be careful, okay? :D

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