Friday, November 30, 2012


It's kinda too late to post it here.
I already post it on my another world though (XP)

So, I finally can have a dream with umi-nii in it.
It happened after I've sorted some of his single pictures into one folder.

I don't quite remember the story of the dream.
All I can remember was umi-nii and I were sitting together on the floor.
He holds his two legs, wearing his usual knitted hat, jacket, looking at me and...


*dropped dead*

umi-nii smiles in my dream!!!!

Yeah, I know it's only a dream.
But after all this time, I finally have a dream about him!

Maybe I was also influenced by Tohya's blog post on November 23rd.
The question was still open, who's the guy in the picture?
Is it umi-nii or one of Dauto's member?

I was feeling sure it's umi-nii.
Waiting for Tohya to make a revealing post.


I'm happy with the short dream!!!

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