Thursday, November 29, 2012

Smiley Skeleton

This morning I woke up late. I oversleep for one hour!
And when I took quick bath, I remember my dream last night.
I was dreaming about...Kirito, Angelo no vocal.
Can't I have another scary looking guy (umi-nii) inside my dream? XD


I was in some kind of music J-Rock Evolution.
I was standing in line.
There were four lines. One line for one band.
I was in VAMPS line with Ni-chan.
I looked at the line beside me. It was empty. The line was for Angelo.
So I decide to move to that line (leaving Ni-chan on VAMP'S line XD)
I remember I forget to bring Angelo's album.
But then somehow I manage to get it to the show.

I exchange my ticket and hurried to my seat.
I keep saying, "Kirito~~ Kirito~~ Kirito~~". Followed by a girl sitting next to me. She has a short boyish hair and looked excited.

The show started and Angelo performed MOMENT.

After the show, I went back and accidentally caught up Kirito who's disguising as a... parking attendant! (XDDD)
He's doing foolish act to hide his identity. He tries to hide behind the bushes. But I knew it's him (XDD)

Me: Can I have your autograph? I know it's you *looking for the CD's booklet and a board-maker*
Kirito (wearing a black hat): Where do you want me to sign it? *looking for his board-maker*
Me: Here on your picture *flipping the booklet's pages*
Kirito: On the picture? *waiting*
Me: I know there's your picture...where is it...there's that goofy picture instead... *keep looking for Kirito's single picture* 


Sister-in-law: *calling my name from downstairs* 
Me: I'M LATE!!!!!!

end of the dream.

I guess I'm badly wanting for MOMENT to be include in Angelo's newest album RETINA. That's why I'm having the dream (X3). But at least I get him to be smiling and doing so sweet inside the dream (X3)

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