Friday, November 02, 2012

Picture of the day: milk&macaron

Another of my childish taste of art.
The title is milk&macaron.
I took the title from one of vistlip's song in Order Made album.
Well the drawing is made based on the feeling when I listen to the song.

Every time I listen to "milk&macaron", I always seeing the image of a couple walking hand in hand under the falling snow on Christmas's eve. The girl smiles happily while the man smiling shyly. They walk together among crowd of people. with shining lights from buildings around them. Sweet and warm.

But, how come the drawing I've made is very different from that image?

My drawing feels if the couple are running away from something..or they are just having a fight  (look at how the man in red pulling the hand of the girl's in blue). So very different with the sweet and warm image I've get from the song. (orz).

And I realize it now...just like I love to see people's back...I also love to draw people from the back. It's easier (XP). 

- KiRaidesu - 


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