Friday, November 30, 2012

Moon Stream's new look

3rd post of the day XD

It's Moon Stream's new look!

My reaction when seeing the picture...


Seriously...with mouth open widely. 

They look stunning and dazzling!! 
Though I think they are switching their style. 
Sacchan becomes manly while Tomo becomes girly XD 

But, I like it! 
Hope they would release a song or a single or directly an album. 
I guess Moon Stream is a joint work only for live show event? 
Please enlighten me about this, Sacchan? :D 

Also, there's a review of someone that has gone to one of their show in LA. 
She's so lucky~~ and her sister too! Being patted by Sacchan!! He is really an angel! 
Sacchan, Tomo, Moon Stream, are really and indeed nice person. No faking! They are really kind from the heart! 

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