Thursday, November 01, 2012

Me vs Headphones

Several weeks ago, I felt terrible aching on both ears. It happens every time I use headphones/earphones. I thought it's because the headphone's sponges are starting to get thin. My choices were buying a new headphones or change the sponges.

I've done both but the aching still happen. It even get worst.
I started to feel burn inside both ears.
And the pain get worst when I use headphones. I get bad head ache.
I know something is wrong with my ears.
I decided to see the doctor with having worries I can't use headphones any longer.

I went to the doctor. He asked the symptoms.

"I feel my ears are aching, as if it's fill with something and also it feels burning"

The doctor checked my ears with some kind of device. It felt hurt when he puts it in.

"It's fine. Nothing wrong." 

The doctor wrote medicine description.

"So, what's wrong with me?"
"Nothing. You're fine. Just don't clean it too often"

What...? That's the same thing he told me at the last time we met, and that was three years ago!! Is the doctor really serious with his words??

He gave me medicine and an ear lotion.

"Come back if you still feel the pain, and don't when you don't feel it," 

Are you kidding me, doc? Of course I will come back if I still feel the pain, but not to you! I will look for more capable doctor!

I didn't told the doctor that I've been using headphones for almost 24/7. I use it everywhere I go: to office, while on the street, on the bus, on the public car, at home, even while I wash dishes (XD). It's because I don't like to listen to people's dirty words. I often said that I'd rather hurt my ears with listening to music than to hear the dirty words...

Well, maybe it's also my fault for not telling the whole thing of what causing the ache. I was afraid I would might be forbidden to use headphones. Maybe that's why the doctor can't have full diagnose of my pain...

Even so, I decided to won't use headphones for a while. I took the medicine and the ear's lotion. But it doesn't get better...
It's almost two weeks I haven't use headphones, and every time I'm thinking to use it to listen to music, my ears start to get ache. Even when I heard the word of "music", the ache quickly come! What the hell happen with my ears??

Now, I feel scared to use headphones...I'm scared of the really hurts...
But the best way to listen to music is by headphones.
How can I fully enjoy music when I feel afraid using headphones...

I surely need to see another doctor and this time told the whole cause...
I just hope the result won't be a forbidden for me to use headphones...
I hope so...

- KiRaidesu -

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