Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Many things happen lately.
I'd like to write it down but don't know from where to begin.
Beside...to be honest...I don't want to remember it again.
It's a tough days. And it isn't stopping there.
There are still tough days to face ahead.

What I should call it?


All I know that my life won't ever be the same again.
I can't have the life only for and about me.
Am I being selfish?

I think not.

I know and realize my responsibilities though I don't want to have it.
Different with that person who's selfishly saying that what ever happen, life must go on. She meant her life of course.

I'm tired of arguing.
She can do whatever she likes as long as it don't trouble me.

I hope after this and on, I can post happier things.

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