Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Today: restless

Head feels so dizzy and instead of continue working, I made this post instead. Good job! *smacked by Boss*

What a restless day.

This morning being bother daily moans from a childish brat.

Then continue with announcement from Luna Sea that they have start recording for a new album. It's for next year. And they will release new single in this year December.

Also tomorrow, the band is also supposed to announced their World Tour schedule, and one of it is... Singapore!


After being obsessed with SUGIZO, listening to Luna Sea all over again, hoping they would work on new songs...I get answers for all of my thinking. Awesome!

I really really hope they would have a live in Indonesia.
The thinking of going abroad to watch a live isn't going to get approval by honey (read: Kimi) *smacked*

Sugi-chan, I really really want to see the live.
I want to see you play the guitar and violin. Wanna see your goofy act, and also your sweet sweet interaction with Ryuichi! (>//////////<)

So...please come to Indonesia! PLEASE!!

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